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Letter / Report to Artivan from Felosia
Journey to Echer'Naught (Maintaining Burrow for that long hurts)


I probably could have handled that better. My trip to Echer’Naught was definitely more eventful than I anticipated. That said, everyone here has been exceedingly helpful. Well, I should probably tell it from the beginning since how everything went down applies directly to you and everyone else in Sog.

I was meditating early in the morning, monitoring the leylines for anything that might indicate a surge of Life energy associated with either the Phoenix Moth, or another one being born. There had originally been three larvae up near us, and some of the scholars we’ve had join the Grove of the Phoenix Moth have speculated that there might have been more about. Just after dawn I felt a slight pulse in the leylines (I’m omitting the exact day, partly for the reason you will read later on, and partly because if you really need to know it you can ask Rrassa). The pulse came from the South, completely opposite where we have been tracking our moth. I lurched out of my trance and fell against Sheela. She jerked awake with a yowl and an image in my mind of a wolf slashing across the hind-quarters of a buck.

Sheela wasn’t overly pleased to be woken that way, but quickly realized from my disorientation that I hadn’t meant it. She peeked into my mind and had Rrassa at my elbow before I’d finished coming out of my trance. I have left Rrassa in charge of the grove during my absence, and … you probably know that already… right. I called a quick meeting and made sure everything was going to run smoothly before sending Rrassa to inform you of my absence and his leading the grove. I stepped out intending to head out but found Sheela staring me in the face. Face to Face. I hate when she stands on a step and stares into my eyes like that. I had intended to tell her to stay and continue training the other familiars but she bombarded me with mental images. She showed me images of my travel and me passing out underground or being exhausted and getting attacked on the road as I slept.

Needless to say I didn’t complain much when she insisted on coming. I cast burrow on us and we headed out. We swam through the earth like dolphins on a romp. Exhausting. Completely. As in, don’t let me do that again. Please. Sheela kept me on task with taking breaks, which was very necessary. We had left without food so as we closed in on eight hours of traveling Sheela sent me a mental image of a roast that had my mouth watering so bad I was certain I’d just burrowed into a river. I sensed a pair of does ahead that had separated from the herd and could tell that they were past their prime. The forest was serene with the does calmly nibbling at grass from one sunny patch to the next. My skylance flew out of the earth and skewered one doe, flipping her up and into the earth as Sheela lunged up to snap the neck of the second and she dragged her down as well. I came up at night to sleep, and throughout the day to rest and heal myself and recover from the mental wounds I caused myself.

Anyhow, when I reached Echer’Naught I went straight into the middle of the city looking for Rangers. I didn’t have a clue where I could find the Druids I needed to speak to, and I figured the Rangers would have been in the front lines facing anything that came after the moth. Unfortunately this is where things went a little wrong. I came up in the middle of the training grounds for Ranger HQ in Echer’Naught. I basically collapsed as I came out of the earth. Sheela came up under me, holding me up over her back. It wasn’t until I heard her growl that I realized that there was a problem. I looked up into the faces of a very not-afraid group of Rangers. And their weapons. Admittedly I think Sheela was just trying to get my attention more than theirs, though at least one was looking oddly at her. I held up the hand with my Lieutenant’s ring on it, and gasped out that I am a Ranger from Sog, and that I needed the Druids. Then I passed out.

I came to, face to face with Sheela. And her teeth. She gave a quick yip then licked me in the face as another Druid pushed her aside. He looked at me and introduced himself as Lieutenant Rah-Sahn Hawksclaw, commander of the Rangers of Echer’Naught. After introducing myself he snorted and asked if I knew much about Echer’Naught. I laughed and admitted I knew next to nothing other than the location and the fact that the Sacred Grove was nearby. I looked him straight in the face as I finished by telling him I needed to find the druids about the Phoenix Moth that I was certain was born down here.

The lieutenant gave me an odd look before telling me that they hadn’t made the birth of the Moth public knowledge. He wanted to question me about how I knew the Moth was born in the first place but held off until he had gotten Sheela and I into his office then gotten me food. I told him about our moth which was currently flying around the Northern Gathers and its effects. He directed me to speak with the High Druidess Treesinger about the Phoenix Moth and told me where to find her in the Sacred Grove. He then also mentioned as I was leaving that normally people introduce themselves at the front gate. I apologized and thanked him for helping me out.

After speaking with Treesinger I learned that they are planning to be slightly discriminating with their date of birth for this moth. It actually will make for a good hiding tactic for the moth. We’ll have to remember that one the next time we want to discourage someone being able to track something but still want to report it. Anyways, Treesinger was very happy to hear about what the Grove has been doing and was more than willing to lend me some support in my tracking this Moth.

The really important part for you to know is that I was contacted by Colonel Wolfhaven. His message was a formal request that if any other representatives come down from our outpost they’d appreciate our sending fore-warning of our arrival so as to avoid any potential accidental violence. Seeing how I basically came close to starting an incident by arriving without checking in at the front gate it may not be a bad idea next time for someone to give warning. I know that for the Grove it is something we can manage, and the Rangers should be able to deal with that too.

For now I am going to be working out of this area, tracking that Moth and seeing what I can recover and piece together about this moth. Hopefully between what I learn down here and what the Grove learns up North we can recover some of the knowledge that we’ve lost.

High Druid, Lieutenant Felosia Naïllo

The Pilgrim's Journal of Vhen the White, Returning to Korindia
Planting Moons 30th

Returning to Korindia, Planting Moons 30th

After I spent some time with my blood family, I decided to go home to Korindia and visit the Masters. The Ship ride was smooth. I ended up learning a little about the runnings of a ship. It was a Korindain ship so everybody pitches in. The trip was smooth given the weather. Once I got home to my old running grounds, I decided to take a run. The Green Guard was not happy but couldn’t keep up. I am much more skilled now than when I was younger and I noticed it took me less time to traverse the city than it has before, despite the changes to it.
After a day in town, I did get to the Masters home. It seems smaller for some reason. But it is good to be home. It was a good visit with the Masters that I had. They were impressed that I was able to find out but knew that I was on the right track with the research. Good things come to those that work for them and do good works for them. They appreciated my help in training some of the young ones and were interested in my travels and work on the side of the Ascended Ones. Kor would be proud, they said. I think that they expected me to come back laden with gold and greed with a heavy heart. I am glad to disappoint them there. A number of musicians marveled at my Flute-staff and even asked if they can copy some of the design. I may have started a new school of Kor, as the Masters say. Some of the Druids even stopped by to have some words, thoughts and tea. They took the story of my getting the wood for the staff well and approve that I have made something that is not only suitable for defense but for peace, and when one gets older to aid in walking. This confused me as I never needed help in walking, let alone running and jumping. I suppose we all get older though. The Masters never seem to change. I think that the Druids are going to be more inclined to allow more musical instruments to be made out of Everwood. We Korindians are very handy with wood and have a good sense of music, especially the music of life.
Getting home was good, I have missed some of my friends here but I found that I miss being on the side of good in Sog and in the Goblinesh Gathers to be more appealing. The world seems so much bigger now and Korindian seems smaller. But I have come to realize that it is only one of my homes. If home is where the heart is, then I have at least 3 homes that have claimed my heart. Korindia, the Norther Gathers, and Eon’Voltuh

WIP: Beginning the Grove of the Phoenix Moth; Part #1
Felosia Naiilo, Reminiscence (Harvest Moons to White Stag)

Felosia Naïlo
As I begin taking leadership of the local Druids and Shamans around Stoon, molding and training them into a new Grove as Sheela molds and provides their familiars training, I realized that I should document my journey here. How this all came about and the goals and plans that I have for the Grove. Sheela has been studying the precepts of the Order of the Jade Flame, and studying its conception with Cairos. That she is able to learn so much from those who built her order 100 years ago gives me hope that my words may reach as far. I guess there’s nothing left but to start with…

The Phoenix Moths were first discovered by a group of Deniers of Death at the beginning of Harvest Moons. The Rangers heard of it through a tertiary effect from the Deniers of Death corrupting one moth. The first moth who was corrupted created a blighting effect on the land near it and made the dead spontaneously rise. After the group of Rangers dealt with the now Death Moth and finished dealing with the group of Deniers and Childer who had been corrupting the moths, they realized that there had been a group of three moths. One had been corrupted into a Death Moth and one had been outright killed. But one moth had survived the encounter in one piece. Luckily Salvatore, after studying the chrysalis before him managed to remember enough to know that he was looking at a dormant Phoenix Moth.

Phoenix Moths haven’t been seen in Shaintar for over a millennia. They had become myth, and in fact had been mistaken for full phoenix. If a Phoenix Moth survives to its full metamorphosis and hatches, the effects are… mind-blowing. But that’ll come later. What was important was that a Phoenix Moth was here. And it was in a vulnerable state. Immediately I went to the grove with Sheela. Some of the local Druids arrived soon after I did, having been informed of the Moth’s presence by Artivan. I was first awed by the meaning of what was hanging in front of me. That the Ascended would coalesce their will such a manner stunned me. The others arrival and subsequent reverence gave me a chance to look over the grove we were now in.

We decided that we could fortify the grove easily enough. There was a local Druid who had studied with the _____ Druids who grow the Everwood Forest _____. She was willing to work with some of the local Druids to grow the trees in this grove such that they would turn into a maze, and could confound all who entered. Others would work spells to Sanctify the grove and an area around it in hopes that the very earth would assist in protecting the moth.

One of the Druids approached me, a Dregordian I had worked with before and whom had helped me when I was studying more about the Ascended and the flows of Magic. Rrassa Life-Scales nodded to a tree a little off from the others and we stepped under it to see that his crocodile familiar was sunning itself in a small break in the canopy. We watched Toothfull sunbathe until Rrassa was able to piece together what he wanted to say. He mentioned that while we might want the help of the local Goblinesh Shamans it might not be a good idea until closer to when the Phoenix Moth was ready to hatch. He didn’t mention why and I knew he had a reason but was not ready to share it, so since secrecy was going to be as much of a defense as actual defenses, if not more so, I agreed.

I knew that most of my focus would be on this grove and those Druids working here, but I had previous commitments with the Rangers that I could not abandon. They needed me, as much as the local Druids did. Maybe more.

The Rangers and the Goblinesh were heavily distracted over the last remnants of fall and into winter. Cairos started a training event that was very effective, and highly useful in the end. He worked with the Goblinesh leaders to gather those among the Goblinesh of Sog who were capable of fighting, and started training them in combat tactics. A week long war game with the Goblinesh and the Rangers paired up and facing each other. Kassegore led one of the main forces in this skirmish, and traded off between groups so that they could come accustomed to having to face something as terrifying as him in battle. It was a great success, the Goblinesh who were included in these games learned coordination, the ability to work as a unified military force, and how to face true fear in battle. Kassegore got to wet his teeth with the blood of commanding a force of men, and those Goblinesh who didn’t participate had a week of war games for entertainment and gambling.

In the days after the war games were over, a group of Prelacy operatives started working in and around Sog. We didn’t find out about it until they started activating their plans to burn down Sog and attempt to take out some of the Ranger and Goblinesh leadership. I was afraid for the Phoenix Moth and the Druids in the grove around it since we didn’t know at the time who was attacking or what their goals were. While I coordinated the defensive (and interrogation efforts on those captured) from the Ranger Headquarters the others raced around Sog putting out fires and capturing Prelacy members. From what I could tell, the Prelacy had no notion of the existence of the Phoenix Moth, though it was hard to tell when we weren’t mentioning anything about it while interrogating them.

After a full day of fighting fires all over Sog Artivan came barging into headquarters demanding that the others be summoned back immediately. Whomever was attacking Sog had led the Rangers all over the city, yet beyond the initial attack on the Rangers at the Hero’s Hart Inn there hadn’t been a fire nearby all day. Sheela called out to everyone and had them all head to the Hart once they’d finished taking down the emergencies they were on at the moment.

We did not get to talk to the leader of these Prelacy, though everyone else we talked to had indicated that Sog was the target. I had Sheela tell the Druids at the grove that they should keep an elevated watch for the next few weeks, and increase the magical defenses as soon as they were able. Sanctifying the land in and around the grove such that approaching would be difficult for any being corrupted by Darkness or Flame, Obscuring and concealing the aura of what was present. We knew it wouldn’t be enough to keep forever, but we had to hope that it would last at least until the Moth could hatch.

Immediately after the fires in Sog, Nature provided us a blessing in the form of a massive blizzard. Travel in any direction was blocked and everyone was more or less on lockdown. We took advantage of the blizzard to fortify the grove. Well, I say We and yet I was locked in Sog too. Frustrating as it was to not be able to get back and assist in the building of the defenses it provided me time to meditate and think. I normally wouldn’t focus on writing down such reminiscence but I feel it may provide some perspective on the events that followed, and my actions there-in.

My meditations happened while I walked, worked among those trying to piece their lives together, slept, ate, and while I sat and contemplated Nature’s glory and power. The people reminded me about what it meant to be a neighbor. Communal homes were set up all over Sog, people’s homes were opened and nothing seemed to be held back. The comradery of the Goblinesh people seemed to know no bounds, and seemed strengthened between the war games and the tragedies that had befallen them. Children played their games in ways that helped their parents get their work done. Their tricks turned to acts of random kindness, food disappearing from places where there was much of it and reappearing next to hungry workers, or the sick and injured. Ogres and Orcs traveled all over town rebuilding and washing off the remnants of the prelacy potions which coated the buildings. Goblins and children ran missives and supplies, and cared for those who were not able to help, whether crippled by grief or pain. Meditating on where I have been, the things I have seen and faced, and the things I was seeing was enlightening. War and battle are unfortunate necessities, but they must not become all that we do. There must be balance to the fighting and a chance to see the Life we fight for.

I stepped

Through moss strewn tapestries
Of stone and tree
To the boughs of summer
In the high green.

Currents of air,
The scent of trees,
All coalesced
In the heart of bees.

The bloom of rose,
High tilted cheeks,
Spin of a swell,
Blue of the sea.

Thrums in twos,
Drums in threes,
Bursting of night,
A summer could be.

As cryptic as that might seem at first glance, I assure you the message was more so at the time. We look at it now from the perspectives of those who have seen what comes to pass; and that clear sight may cloud the message that was as I convert it to words. The message was very personal, and very not. It was hope and Life, victory with a taste of defeat. A warning, wrapped in images and hinted at in wind. As the blizzard started to let up and the roads started to become passable we received our first indication of what was coming on the black wings of crows.

Artivan was called on by a Black Lantern operative to assemble a team for a covert mission. I elected to stay behind and continue the efforts of healing in Sog, watching with amusement as Magpie nearly hovered in excitement over the idea of actually getting to act in a truly covert mission alongside Artivan. He was much more optimistic about the chances of such a venture as well as the ability of Artivan and his team to succeed at such a covert mission. But I certainly wasn’t going to spoil his fun. They headed out with Magpie playing the part of a Prelacy General and I shook my head, leaving Cairos in direct charge of the logistics, and Sheela at his side for communications assistance, while I ventured out for my first look at the defenses that my fellow Druids had built around the grove where our Phoenix-Cocoon hung.

I arrived and was impressed. The trees had been grown thicker and stronger than before, and they created a dizzying maze that even managed to keep me out from the center of the grove, even while letting me feel that I was welcomed by those same trees. The power thrumming from the cocoon wasn’t so much as to overwhelm the spells being laid to hide it, though I knew from how much it had increased that hiding it was going to start to become problematic soon. I conferred with Rrassa and Winneth Mooncalled, who had asked me to step into a command role for the local druids back before the Phoenix Moths had been discovered. They were going to be able to keep things under control for a bit longer as I wrapped up things with the Rangers, but they also agreed with my assessment that I was going to need a reprieve from them soon.

I returned to Sog with my heart lightened and weighed down simultaneously. When I got back to Sog I was almost immediately confronted with a dire situation to the north involving a Black Lantern mission that we were needed for. Though we didn’t have any more information. Not happy about this I left Cairos in command and had Sheela send back to the Druids I had just left that they needed to step up security another level as a precaution. When the group arrived up north I was confronted with an evil I hadn’t ever been prepared for. The leylines were being corrupted in such a way as to be transmitting Darkness along them and having that Darkness literally Thrum out into the distance. I had one of the new Rangers who happened to be an Aevakar scout high in the sky so as not to be spotted and what she reported back only re-iterated we needed to get into the middle of things fast if we were to stop this corruption and possibly save the lives of a large group of innocents.

I grabbed as many as I could and burrowed into the middle of the group Muril had indicated was possibly in charge. The others had orders to come in as fast as they were able and we started to lay waste to everything in our path that didn’t lay waste to us. It was a hard fight, but we prevailed and managed to save the innocents as well. We discovered that someone, who was being referred to as The Chaimera, was attempting to rebuild the Chaimera’s Tower. I knew enough to know that we didn’t want that no matter if it were the actual Chaimera or just someone trying to play themselves off as her. The corrupted leylines had turned back after we defeated this group of necromancers and Builders, but the things they had been doing only let us know that this was a major threat.

Phoenix Moth is Born:
Gudmund Stonebook

Phoenix Moth is Born: Gudmund Stonebook

While working on the improvements to my new crossbow I hear Sky yelling for everyone to assemble. Not sure what’s going on but this is the normal way of things if there is an emergency or we need to be sent out on a mission. I set my not quite finished crossbow on the workbench and head out to the briefing room, hoping that is where we are to meet this time.

We are all being gathered and Sog is being emptied or almost. There is a host of undead approaching a sacred area where a creature is nearing birth. They say it is a Phoenix Moth, these are great and powerful things created by the hands of the Ascended, they are rare very rare. So rare that some believe they are nothing but myth between each birthing. The last one that I think I remember learning about was almost 1000 years ago. It seems before I came to Sog the Rangers found not one but 3 cocoons’ of these super rare beings. They were being corrupted by necromancers and the one that was turned to the dark was able to animate any dead body with in a huge area. This was a twisted near stillborn corrupted premature larva, I would rather not even imagine the powers one might have for the dark. I know the reputed powers for the light and life are nearly as powerful as some of the Ascended themselves.

All the history aside we are needed to march with a contingent of the people of Sog to confront this host of spawn. I am told the place is near but we have to go to it and cannot bring it within the protective walls of Sog. So we the Rangers lead the way to defend one of the greatest creatures of Shintar from the evil. So that it may be brought to life and share the life giving powers with the land. I rush back to my workroom and gather as much of my components as I can carry. With an army they shall need healing in mass and the more burning glue I can pass around the longer we might each live. In haste I glance at my nearly finished crossbow and wish that it were going with me this day, for I may never get to test it, yet if I can get first hand eyes on the birth of a Phoenix Moth for the Lore Wardens, it will be a great thing. To have been at the fall of Chimeras tower and get to pen firsthand the birthing of such a wonder, my name might be sung about in the future annals of lore.

It takes some time to get in marching order and a few more hours to get to the sight where the Moth has been watched. There is a great forest here, i have been over all the maps of the areas around Sog. This place should not exist i wonder if it is the Druids or if the Moth is this powerful? A great forest not just some woods appearing like this is a huge banner “Hey there is stuff you might want right here.” I must admit that as forest go it was rather thick and uninviting. Everything was so overgrown that it took longer than expected to make our way the last bit to a clearing with a giant magical tree with the larva upon it. I blink in alarm, there is a host of undead coming and there are no defense dug in. No walls no battlements not even a trench to slow the oncoming Hordes. This is a travesty a war with no defense and a very small force to protect such an epic creature. Well this is how the best Legends are told, i just hope this one is not recreated from the ash of the battle.

I push through to where Artivan has stopped and seems to be able to start giving orders. This he does as i approach him telling some people to get the army in order and the rest of us follow him. I ask him where the defenses are this can not be everything. He asked me if i missed the tree’s. My response is yes pretty trees, but where is the defences. There are no walls, or anything. I seem to be upsetting him, so i move on to ask how much time we have. He sighs and responds that we have about 16 hours give or take. I tell him that will have to be enough, i will need people as many as we can get. He bellows for a work gang to be formed and report to me, the rest needed to go with him and see what they could find out. I nodded my thanks already having Ideas of what needs doing first and see what i can add for walls trenches or some slipshod throw together defenses.

I work nonstop from the time we arrive until the host of the undead do. I task someone, i don’t remember yet whom i hope that i thanked them, to rotate out the work gange people. I was very grateful that many members of Sog’s fire fighting and other groups joined us. I could not have gotten what i did get done in time if i had not worked with these people before. At this point i hope the effort was not wasted and they all die, if not i will thank them after this is all over. There was a shout that went up the first of the undead had made it to the perimeter where our scouts were posted to keep an eye. I order the last touches to the area that i can hope to get before they make it thru the maze of tree’s.

They make it thru like they might have been mapping the area or something, so we are not the only ones using scouts. The corruption that was popping up in the area must have been planned to be just far enough that the ones sent to check could not make it back in time to stop the waves of undead. Artivan again gets everyones attention summoning an Angle to send word to the far reaches of the realm to the rulers of the church and others. The rest of us prepare for a long fight, the numbers are far from in our favor, we are hoping that it will only be a matter of time until others come to help remove this threat. Artivan and Kassagor both give speeches to rally the troops, i do one last wall walk to make sure everything is as tidy as i can get it.

The Big Cat just loves a good fight he is the first one into the foray and he does not even wait for them to get to the defensive position charges out to them. Sky and Nightingale find a nice target in the sky a larger than normal Red Gargoyle. There are others that take the field that seem more potent and better armed. The Rangers of Sog spend a great deal of their time trying to beat back these powerful threats. Kassagor yelled for me to give him some fire as he hits an even more massive Troll. Artivan is passing orders right left and center, i am trying to keep track so they can all be recorded, for the Lore Wardens after the battle. I did not charge in this time, rather i use my skills at making things and started applying my glue to as many arrows and weapons as i can get coated and sent at the enemy’s. There are cheers at the white fire bursting from the wounds of the weapons that i coated. I shout out to Kassagor to see if that was good enough. He says it was a start. The opening of the battle was better than expected, yet a small troglodyte was some how able to pop all over the war zone inside and out of the fortified area. He was able to make such a problem and tip the scales for the undead.

Artivan shouts for that Git to be removed. Several of the Rangers move to try and capture him, the new tricky goblin is able to get the job done as the large cat swings away like he is playing some game of stick ball with the heads of the undead. Sky was able to wound the Red bird and so she joins the hunt for the git. Others are hit none as hard as the git whom made the mistake of angering Artivan. We may not live through this but he will only be fighting on as undead. The real army showed up now not simply zombies with a few powerful friends. Now they have more archfire in play on the field than I could destroy with a disruption, city of bell’s. The Moth is able to keep people fighting yet even with it’s power people are falling and not getting up. The waterboys running to drag them back, i start passing out my fizzy bubbly to help revive some of the wounded. Kassagor starts preparing for a trap and charges into the combat. This leaves Artivan the only one casting orders and Yet he Draws his sword and gives “The” order. Time has become a mass of hacked and wounded. Artivan handed me his distance viewer before his charge. The ones i have just restored with my powders rally to follow the man.

I have hung back as the others charged from foe to foe. I built the walls and armed them with fire arrows. I healed the wounded, i have not charged into the battle this time. Yet when Artivan charges i feel i need to be more active, i can’t charge in not and record all that i see, but i can run around ringing the forks of disruption. It will be in no way enough, yet it might bring down a few. I hope what ever trap Kassagor as planned works.

It seems to have for the Rangers of Sog all have taken the field’s, most vanquishing one of the most powerful of foe’s. Father Salvatore a Necro Lord, a twisted and corrupted druid for Feloshia, and the true destruction for the winged girls. This seems to have been the start of a crumble. The foe had placed to many key pieces upon the board to early, well it has been a few days now, and now they have been removed. I strike the tuning forks of my disruptor over and over hitting them as high a note as i can. It works, it is always such a shock when something i could not test actually works in a real world application. Many zombies fall or even explode as the magic and the fire inside them is disrupted.

Yet all of this pales in comparison to the shout to the heavens, the very real and solid heavens, that Artivan gives. Calling forth not one or two Angels but a full choir of them. With this it seems he had found the heart of the enemy the head and the leader. He shouts for the voices to be raised and the vial one to get the hell off his Realm. When one has so many angels hovering it seems nearly magical when folks are forcibly removed from the very fabric of the realms. Not that one could hear the seeming thunderclap or the vacuum left by them. The angels where very distracting and it seems that anything with a mind went fleeing anything without just seems to fry in place. It must be nice to have enough pull with one of the ascended to call forth such might, i am glad i ca not,yet i am glad i was here to see this sight.

Yet even seeing another vial removed from our realm, with a fanfare and show. It was pale when compared to the response that the Phoenix Moth gave to the singing. For the angels were not done. Now they were but a backdrop to the birthing of an elder brother. They were there to welcome this new creation of the Ascended, and they were not alone.Perhaps it was the spells that Artivan cast, or more likely the birthing of their child, The Phoenix Moth. Yet it was that all the Ascended watched as we did upon the ground. I was able to start so many images of the event it will take me time to get them all in order and flushed out. Yet i can say for sure that the Ascended smiled upon us this day and that Dranak, StoneWalker placed his hand upon me. He welcomed my efforts and showed me i was upon the path he wished of me, to keep to these things that i gather, to risk so that all might know as best they can from a trained hand upon the scrolls of time.

Privet Musings of Gudmund Stonebook: Into the Darkness
Into the Darkness

So we seem to have cleared half the town with ease, yet now the next section of town seems to be radiating darkness. I am ok wandering a cave in the dark, or a clan home with little to no light, I do not like it at all when outside and buildings start to radiate darkness. As we all stopped to focus on this new arrival, that’s likely what it is, a few more of the Red Store and Prelacy guard types spill out into the street. I saw one run down a side street to pass word of us, I was thinking I should go and stop him, than I hear screaming. He did run around the building with the darkness. So I take a shot with my new crossbow at the ones foolish enough to charge out into the open, it was more to make them cover or seek shelter, surprisingly I hit one of them and he staggers into the wall. Since I just gathered there attention I suppose reactivating my AAS is a good plan and I do so on the run heading out of sight and towards the side street where the runner went.

Some of the others had not made it out of the building yet and they run out to check out the darkness and note there are more of the misguided soldiers attacking us. The large warrior charges them as they keep running down the street at us. Salvatore sends a bolt or three to say hello. The oddest thing about the wolves they take off in two directions one passing me and the other charging right behind the large guy, almost like a dog chasing a cat, other than she helps to attack the guys that wanted to meet us. Not exactly sure what the other wolf is doing but there is screaming and a sploosh from down the side street. I am guessing I don’t need to follow the runner any more. The others make fast work of the 3 that charged us and keep moving down the street to where they popped out. There was one slower goblin she decided to have a look around first and seems to have been successful with this delay coming out tucking papers of some type away.

Still the building is radiating this dark presence so I try to run over and bash the door. I must say that I felt like a man standing upon a slippery moss covered slope as I bounced off the terribly made door. The others don’t seem particularly interested in this building darkness and all. The large war cat gets to the door the guards came from and he has much better luck splitting that one with his ax. Down side to getting the door open though, you get shot at, and people waiting for the door to open stab you. He does not lose his guts or glory and holds the door open as the others charge down to help him. They are fighting what sounds to be a large group. Felosia is yelling about another presence in the open area, yet I am still worried about the dark one inside the building, and now I am wondering if it is a great idea to even open the door.

There is commotion inside the building and I think I can see Ta’Or soaked and dripping wet surrounded by shapes in the center of the dark area. I think about the fact that if I can see in then my glitter could get through the cracks. I know Ta’Or is good at getting out of the way; we played this once before, so I decide to try the glitter boom threw the door. It works, not exactly the way I had planned, in trying to get the nozzle of the glitter boom right up to the door for the best spread I think I held the lever to long. That is my best guess as to why the entire building blew up, there might have been other flammables inside that got ignited, Ta’Or was now wrapped around a rafter completely dry and actually smoldering some. The force of the blast nearly shook me off my feet and after all this the door decides it should just fall down. I am happy that the signal we set up worked out so well, even if he was not in the group to start, yelling glitter boom gave him the time he needed to get to safety. Not so for the undead or there handler that had been plaguing him. This does leave a large open space into the next building where the larger fight is going on.

There is a streak as one of the wolves runs through the fire and into the larger building. Seconds after the goblin comes around the corner and darts into the burning building and starts sifting through things and finds a trove of documents. Not sure how she can do that, run into a burning building and know exactly where to look, it was quite impressive. I hear Felosia tell someone that whoever is hurting the Dwarf is up there get there and stop them fast. There are heavy treads, screaming and body parts falling from the second story soon after. I think the war cat has gotten himself to where ever she wanted, he sure seems to take this fighting stuff to heart, I hope it’s not just for the gold. Just after this Ta’Or swings over into the other building and there is a second explosion that followed the shouting of the Prelacy to get the boat ready. I must guess that Rok-tar readied it for them. This I think was enough, I cannot see what all was going on in the next building but I hear a voice say maybe we should talk, just as I run through the fire and say Surrender or I glitter boom. I wish even in my heart I could believe it was something I did but the remanding soldiers surrender and Felosia takes command of them.

We wrap things up and get ready to head back to Sog. I asked the goblin, she really has gotten large amount of data I need to get her name so I can foot note for my full report to the order as well as the Rangers, what she had picked up? There is much to go through; so far a cursory glance shows that the movement is heading towards Troll Keep. I will have to get a fast report together that can be sent that direction so they will know what to expect. There is too much to go through before the warning is sent, the boat ride back down the river would not even give me time to put a dent in the raw data. A good portion will be useless, yet the key elements need to be sent out as soon as I get back, I can’t work on the pages during a river journey in a small boat. Maybe we need a sinking boat like the Builders. I know that I need to modify my armor to improve it as they do. With the help of others that know how to take it apart and work with me like Magpie and The Builder friend of Sky’s I might be able to duplicate in part some of the things they can do. Maybe I can work on my armor and armor additive system on the way back. That would be helpful I am not sure that I will have much time in the next few days with all of the documents she has found.

Privet Musings of Gudmund Stonebook:
Back from War:

It was nice to be able to spend a few days in the clan hold. It need be only a few days for my trip though with the rangers was not originally scheduled for this amount of time. I do not have full duties in Sog but, I am sure they have thought of something new for me to do. I like it when others also find more ideas for me to work on, other than taking time away from my own research it makes me feel that I am useful to the rangers. Upon showing back up I sought out Magpie but was unable to locate him. So Sky being my second choice for things of the Builders was my target the next morning. I found her at the Inn dragging someone out who was sleeping. Rok-Tar offered her a aromatic concoction that he said would pick them up. I think he meant give them a boost of energy.

She saw that I was waiting to speak to her so she passed the hulk of a slumbering man to another asking them to help him back to his office. Then she turned to me and asked if I was in deed waiting to speak with her. I told her that I was in need of her assistance for two things. One would involve a bit more than the other. The first was to simply shoot a few arrows for me into a practice target. She shrugged and suggested this was far too easy a task to have spoken to her about but did not complain. I than miss spoke and asked for her help with the Builder I have in a box. Asking her to help me make it work, this was miss leading since I have only the Builders gear and not an actual live or dead Builder. She informed me later that it had confused her and she wondered why I had captured a Builder.

Rok-Tor jumps in and asks if he could help with the arrow shooting he has a test site close by that would probably work. We would just need to make sure the children were not in the path of the test items. So he rolls a barrel, since the one I had planned to use was back at the Rangers hall, and leads us to a small park like area. More an area that had yet to be built in than one that was for beauty at least any longer. We fill the barrel with water and I explain to Sky what I needed done. I warn her not to touch the arrow tips and she say’s this will need her to agust her shooting a bit showing me that her draw is longer than most and the arrow head is right at her hand. This is fine since they are test shots not trying to kill anyone.
She lets fly the controlled arrow, a normal practice arrow, it punches a hole and then fills it leaving a splash and not much more than that, just sticking into the wood. She is obviously bored with this and asks for the next arrow this one she find a touch more interesting. Shooting it with the same flare as the first, she likes it better when the glue dissolved and the flammables ignite. This creates some steam and bubbles. As I work to assemble the last test arrow she shoots several more in rapid motions, I am not sure why but just keep affixing the stone holder to the arrow. This one she looks at with more interest since the last one did something. She notes the stone captured in the lead and gets worried but showing far more care and aim, this one she sends into the barrel as well. I am glad I used a very small chip, but it works as I had hoped. It staves in the side of the barrel and we can see the arrow head come out the back. It does let out all of the water, but it was a very good display of the power of this modification.

We clean up the mess and head back over to the ranger’s hall to my work room so that I can show her the builder in a box that I was talking about. I open the box and show them the box full of Builder gear. There is a real nice set of armor that covers the entire body head to foot. There is a set of bracers and belt along with a rod taken of an archmancer. There is the standard archcaster and Archfire sword, knife and nice short sword. I did not have the control collar in the box it and the broken golem where on the work bench. I ask her to show me how to make it all work. She blinks at me and for a minute I wonder if in my enticement I spoke in Dwarven. She walks over and try s to pick up the crate, It’s a bit too big for her, I am not sure what she wants but I figure I will find out if I put wheels on the crate, so I do.

She takes me to a very cool place; I did not know Sog had a builder working for us. She knocks on the door and there is a static charge. Inside is very interesting full of builder gear and the house itself is a builder item. She tells the man that she has a puzzle and shows him the box and we talk about what I want from it. How to make it work and how to be able to stop the Builders from using it on us. We talk about the powers and the art and for some time speak about how things work. We end up with a plan to work through the items maybe taking them apart, I can learn about them from the inside out. He also gives me a box with a limited spectrum of mulit frequency stones are nestled, this is to help me figure out how to shut of the crystals on a group to stop the armor and other things, from working.

I head back to my rooms to gather my report to turn in. I am thinking Artivan should be awake and ready to receive my report. I get back to a much busier Ranger hall and there are many people in and out. I go and Gather my bound report; it is a full copy of what I turned into the Lore Wardens, only leaving out the technical specs of the cave in wonder. I think it is only short about 70 pages out of the 800 I turned in to my order. I nearly run into several people trying to make my way to the head man’s office. I stop not far from it when I hear more yelling but it’s not just the head man, but also the calm in control second in command. This makes me turn around and try walking out, it is not meant to be. There are new people as well. I get jumbled in the hallway. There is more yelling and this time I think it is the boss man dressing down a drunk. Maybe I should poke my head in to offer the report so that I can get back to work on my tests.

This does not work out as I had hoped. I waited until they seemed to be looking for someone, they tried yelling a few names and no one seemed to care. I poked my head in and asked if they were looking for someone in particular. The answer was yes but it seems that I was not one that they were looking for. So I pull my head back out the door and stand there. After the biggest Brichie walks out the door following a wolf I wonder if I should just try one of the others. I am about to try leaving again when Artivan yells back out to me welcoming me back. I step in and he looks at the book in my hand and stops speaking, so I look down. Then he asks if I have my report, so I offer it to him saying that I do. He goes a bit pale and tells me to walk it down the hall to Cairos. I nod and head down that way, when I knock I get yelled at again. This is odd he is normally even tempered. I open the door and his demeanor changes and he nearly yanks me off my feet dragging me into the room. He has many questions mostly about what I can do with books and the like; it seems that Kassegore has left them with a mess of paperwork to go through. At least the beast did the paperwork. So we spend some time going through the records trying to put them in order. It seems though that we might have a long road as he was Dragordean. I ask if Cairos can read that language he says no sadly not. I tell him I might be able to make something that will help just as Artivan bursts in the door saying I am needed and now. They talk about whom has greater need and rank is pulled. Cairos said that I could not leave until I make him a way to read the papers and Artivan sighing waits. So I use some crysarium and turn the ear piece I was using with the builder into a monocle by adding more crystals. Informing him it will not last long I leave.
We rush to the inn where some others have gathered and the yelling starts again. This time it is about a town in need of our help and who is going and, well Artivan must be short handed he offered the big cat 1 gold to go with us and help clean out the red store. That is my weekly pay for over a month, this makes me wonder why he is so valuable. He must have been good in the fight that busted up the inn, real good.

speaking, so I look down. Then he asks if I have my report, so I offer it to him saying that I do. He goes a bit pale and tells me to walk it down the hall to Cairos. I nod and head down that way, when I knock I get yelled at again. This is odd he is normally even tempered. I open the door and his demeanor changes and he nearly yanks me off my feet dragging me into the room. He has many questions mostly about what I can do with books and the like, it seems that Kassegore has left them with a mess of paperwork to go threw. At least the beast did the paperwork. So we spend some time going threw the records trying to put them in order. It seems though that we might have a long road as he was Dragordean. I ask if Cairos can read that language he says no sadly not. I tell him I might be able to make something that will help just as Artivan bursts in the door saying I am needed and now. They talk about whom has greater need and rank is pulled. Cairos said that I could not leave until I make him a way to read the papers and Artivan sighing waits. So I use some crysarium and turn the ear piece I was using with the builder into a monocle by adding more crystals. Informing him it will not last long I leave.

We rush to the inn where some others have gathered and the yelling starts again. This time it is about a town in need of our help and who is going and , well Artivan must be short handed he offered the big cat a gold to go with us and help clean out the red store. That is my weekly pay for over a month, this makes me wonder why he is so valuable. He must have been good in the fight that busted up the inn, real good. So with Stoon liberated the red Store working for the Prelacy are trying to find other in roads and using this small village upstream as a jump off point. We have just gotten word and need to hurry there and check out and remove the threat. This village is several hours upstream and a boat is provided, we gather our gear and load up for this investigation. As we were rowed upstream Magpie and I had a discussion about blowing up crysarium. We where talking about my builder in a box and my new work with weaponized crysarium. For some reason he does not mind shooting it at targets but he is really not behind my ideas to use it in ranged weapon applications. He wants me to work on a more advanced version of a bow or crossbow with springs in the arrows or bolts. I think he is worried I am wasting a commodity that he can more properly use. We speak at length until arrival at the village cuts our time short.

I will never understand why we bother to send scouts, I have yet to be on a mission with the rangers where the scouts are not seen and trigger a fight. Would it not be better to at least all be in one place when the fighting starts? Our scouts this time seemed to run across some guards just hanging out in the open not patrolling but waiting around, like they are play acting at being regular people, just with a ton of weapons and armor and a few streaming armbands of red. This is fooling no one, at least not in our group. I am not sure exactly what scout was seen or put them on alert but we were sent warning to our minds from the druids wolf. So as per the norm we all charge in. This time taking differing paths threw the small roads in the town. Father Salvator and I to the far left, others dash straight up the middle and a last group with the druid and Rok-tar on the far dockside. I activate my AAS as we charge up and it seems the scouts had only put them on alert not show where we where. This is a good and bad thing, with the noise from my AAS they focus on our position, pulling the focus away from the other groups and to me. We have caught only a portion of them, there where divided as we expecting one group to surround. This way we where able to take them out in the groups. Yet there is an ominous Black glow radiating from the next Warehouse, this is not going to be fun.

Diary of a Culinary Alchemist, Efforts to improve
Tangle Taffy Test #22, Last of Winter
I had not had much time, since the Liberation of Stoon or much time over the winter to experiment. I finally got a moment and decided to test a variation on the Tangle Taffy. A little more sugar, a little more hardening agent and more force to push the excess material. I went to my favorite experiment Lot.

I really need to see about purchasing it so that I can block it off for more dangerous experiments. And many of the local children came to watch the “Crazy Candy Alchemist” do something interesting. I opted to let them stand back and watch as long as they did not get into the test area. Counting on them testing the limits of that area, as kids do, I extended the chalk line back about ten feet more than I guessed that I needed. Loaded the Potion vial into the Salvo contraption to launch it at the target “X” and hit dead on.
The potion burst open and expanded out to farther than I had expected but the test targets just got pushed away. That does have some potential. The result is a spoungy white and squishy pillow-like substance full of tinny bubbles of air. The outside was a bit like confection sugar and the inside was gooey. It simply pushed the test subjects away and I found that it was a bit resistant. The children cheered at this obvious failure. Some even began to leap from great heights into it. The substance cushioned what would be a deadly fall and even bounced slightly and then sunk in as if in a Marsh. I collected up a significant portion of this stiff meringue substance and will use it to sweeten up some things at home. Melted onto a sweet bread with chocolate in a type of sandwich sounds good. But in the end, it was another failure.

It's Over! A Group's Report of the Battle With Chimera
No Wonder Why Sky Likes Malec, He Blows Things Up

We are all called to finally take out Chimera’s Tower. The leaders decide to attack now while the tower is incomplete. As we start getting into position, we can see the tower getting higher and higher. Larissa and Kassegore start this battle with a test of wits as they start verbally sparing or throwing insults back and forth with each other.

The start of the battle is an Aevakar, named Callistar, perches on top of the tower to rain down as many arrows as he can on the enemy. _He manages to do a lot of damage this way. _ Seeing what Callistar has started, Sull attempts to help out but he can’t seem to get a good landing spot. I think that the tower was swaying too much after Callistar landed up there.

Zerenelia flies closer to attempt to cast at the enemy but is wounded before she can get to a good spot. Siege towers are being pulled into position by several Orcs, and Zarinn flies by shooting as many as he can before they can get into range. As Zarinn takes out the Orcs pulling the siege towers, a Minotaur-Golem flies by and wounds her.

Gudmund makes a flaming battering ram, which is powered by steam so that no one on our side can get hurt and sends the ram into the gate. The force causes the front gate to explode open. Larissa attempts to cast as many bolts as she can at the enemy, but it doesn’t look like much is happening.

Kang charges in and starts swinging his tree at Maggot-Hounds and Ratson-Minotaurs while shouting, “Kang is strongest that is!” Shayline walks through the ground and starts to stab at the darkness, but the darkness bites her back.

A dwarf runs up, under Kang’s legs, and sweeps the front line and is very effective hiding under Kang. Vhen bounds in behind the dwarf and starts to swing his staff, taking several out.

Charis heads down to the Builder’s conclave and starts shooting them, while deftly dodging their attacks. Felosia checks were the corruption is in the ley lines and she attempts to purify the lines. As she steps into a line, that is in a column, there is a surge of power and Felosia is wounded by this.

Bahiya heads in and finds the clogging gears of the machine and blasts them in to tiny bits. Liarra casts bolts at the Golems to break them and makes a lot of them statues.

Jorag heads on in and starts swinging and takes out several others, he is followed by Cresent Moon. Ta’Or heads through the useless gate and sweeps all that he can before noticing that Felosia is in trouble and getting her out of it. This causes the column to shatter, wounding Ta’Or.

The column shattering and other people’s actions causes an explosion of energy and the tower starts twisting as it start growing faster. There is cackling from inside. Cedruss heads into the leader’s area and starts talking to the Builders. The Builders start acting like they are all good friends and this causes the Necromancers to become very confused.

As Cedruss is doing this, I sneak by and start taking out the leaders. Meanwhile Malec and Puck start messing with another machine. They quickly come running back to the door, knowing Malec I quickly follow suit and then Cedruss follows me.

Salvator starts to heal the wounded, starting with Jorag. Kassegore starts to give a speech.
Elves, Dwarves, Goblinesh, some Dregordians and of course Humans.
We have handled invasions before and we will do so again.
Are we going to let her take over our lands?
The Army shouts: NO!
Army, let’s go kick her back to wherever she came from!

There is lots of cheering as Kassegore leads the army through the gates. Callistar swoops down from the top and starts shooting at the enemy. Jorag rejoins the fight and starts shooting as well.

Puck, Malec, Cedruss, Salvator and I come up with a quick plan and start working on it. Malec and Puck get the rest of us through the front lines. Cedruss then gets us through some of the Builders and to those that he can’t talk his way through I just kill. Once inside, Salvator then makes himself bright and blue as he starts to take out the undead. A lucky shot manages to wound Salvator.

Before we get all the way in I manage to see Kang being used as a shield by Vhen and a few others.

Vhen is on his back as well as someone I don’t know, Bahiya is following behind Kang to keep the enemy away from this group. Kang then throws Vhen up as hard as he can to get Vhen to the tower. As Vhen starts bounding up the tower, Larissa starts shooting at the tower to give him hand holds.

Gudmund and Zerenelia’s help uses his Glitter boom. While Kassegore and Felosia continue to direct the army.

As Salvator, Malec, Puck, Cedruss and I are finishing up, Cedruss says, “It’s about beer thirty.” And starts heading out quickly. We, confusingly follow, until we here Liarra’s voice telling us to get out.

As we exit, I see that Vhen has reached the top of the tower and is just about to hit the top of it with his staff.

The tower starts to crumble after the hit and as its falling we are able to hear, “Not Again! Not Again! Where will I Rule!”

In the silence of battle, Larissa calls out, “Don’t mess with Shaintar Bitch!”

It takes us awhile to make sure that all of the Chimera are gone and to collect our wounded and dead. As we do, the pretty unicorn comes to the army and thanks us all. She is naming this valley: The Valley of Shayline. This valley is going to be a sanctuary for those that are weary and need rest from the fighting. This valley will be hidden from those that do not know its location or know Shayline.

After several hours we find out that Vhen did survive the fall, an Aevakar managed to slow his decent. The other bit of information that the search discovered is that all of the chimera and she who is named Chimera are gone, there is no trace of them here.

Yea! Ta'Or Is In Charge
Really I Can Sneak!!!

Personally I have no clue how or why Sky would want to do this on a regular basis, I mean I know that we need to fight the Prelacy and the Red Store and all. But these continual days of fighting without any break is a little too much for me.

We (Bahiya, Asheenya, Sull, Kang, Orloff, Ta’Or, Charis and I) are called into the briefing room and are met by a Sargent Domengez from Coastline. The first things that I notice is there are four Trainees and four Aevakar here. _ I hope we don’t have to worry about the wing hunters as well.
The Sargent looks at Bahiya and says, “You look at things differently and people have a weird outlook on you.” Then the Sargent looks at me and says, “And you don’t talk.” I nod at him. The Sargent looks at Ta’Or and says, “Congratulations you are now Corporal, although I would suggest listening to Orloff who has been around a bit.” Ta’Or has a look of horror on his face as he turns to me. I make a quick note saying that Liarra isn’t here, so I can’t help him out. Ta’Or nods to me.

The Sargent says that Builders are working with Chimera. We are to head to an abandoned town that has been taken over by Builders. As he starts to give us a brief description of the area and the water holes in the area, I start writing a note asking if the Troll-Tentacle or a Troll-Tentacle was there. The Sargent wasn’t happy with the note as he started asking: Have I been there? Are you a Ranger? Go there and see, if you live come back and you tell me!

We get our orders, which are to go in and stop the Builders – by taking over the town.

The Sargent then asks, “Are there are any questions? Going once! Going Twice! Get on out of here!”

As most of the group starts to head out Bahiya asks, “Sargent, have you ever thought about coming up to Sog?”
Sargent: “And take over what Artivan has set up there? No I like living. Why?”
Bahiya: “I like you and Artivan out ranks you.”
Sargent: “There is no ocean there and I am happy where I am. Now get out of here!”

We all head out. I ask Ta’Or if he wants me to scout and he says yes.

I head out and see seven Maggot-Hounds. I attempt to see if there is anything else up the road, when I get noticed. A Maggot-Hound calls out and the others all turn to look at me. In the distance I hear Ta’Or call out, “That’s not good, let’s move!”

Kang runs up and vaults up the rough part of the hill to get to me. Ta’Or manages to get near to Kang. Sull moves up the road and uses the rocks to do a blackflip to take out a Maggot-Hound, before bounding up to the group.

Three of the Maggot-Hounds move towards Ta’Or and Kang, two of them attempt to bit Kang and the other attempts to bite Ta’Or. Two of the Maggot-Hounds move to Sull, one manages to bite him wounding him and the other attempts to bite him as well. One Maggot-Hound attempts to get up the rocks and screams in frustration as he can’t.

I shoot the one near Ta’Or dead. Charis moves forward and shoot the one that bit Sull to stun it.

A Maggot-Hound gets on a rock and starts to head for Charis, as it approaches Charis attempts to takes a swing at it.

Bahiya runs up to a Maggot-Hound and swings her white silver sword to take it out.

We find out later that there was a cave that the four Slug-Bats came out of. All spit acid at the group, one just hits the rock at my feet, one manages to wound Kang, one manages to stun Charis and the last one hits Bahiya’s shield.

Orloff runs up the rocks to shoot a Slug-Bat dead. Asheenya flies forward and casts bolt at a Maggot-Hound, stunning it.

Asheenya then shoots the Maggot-Hound to take it out then flies over Kang. Kang moves towards a Slug-Bat and takes a swing at it to take it out. He then states that he sees a heat source near the cave. Sull starts to flap his wings as he steps on the wounded Maggot-Hound. This confuses the other one that is near him. Sull then shoots the one he used as a launching post dead. Bahiya climbs up the rocks, then calls out, “Kang think thin!” Before casting Jet at the last three Maggot-Hounds to take them out.

A Slug-Bat moves toward Bahiya, two others to Kang and these three attempt to hurt but can’t bite Bahiya or wound Kang.

Charis throws off the hit and moves up. Orloff shoots a Slug-Bat dead.

A Ratson-Minotaur comes out of the cave and heads towards the group.

I sling the bow and grab my spear. I then charge forward to stab the Ratson-Minotaur to wound it badly. Ta’Or runs up Kang to jump off his shoulder to smack the Ratson-Minotaur, taking it out. Kang casually backhands the Slug-Bat nearest him and takes it out. Sull, Charis and Asheenya all at the same time shoot the last Slug-Bat taking it out.

Asheenya, Bahiya, Sull, and Ta’Or start healing Kang, I head over to check out the cave. The cave looks and smells nasty, this is where they kept their food. When Asheenya joins me, she states that she can feel indications that there were Necromancers here. Bahiya wants to purify the cave, and Ta’Or states that we don’t have time right now and we continue up the trail. I hop on Kang’s shoulder. Kang is much larger than Kassegore, but it’s not the same and I wish Kassegore is here.

We get to a spot that we can start to see the town. Orloff asks what the plan is and if we are sending a scout, then looks at me and says, “Since that worked out so well that time.”

Bahiya replies to that with, “We should all keep our feet firmly on the ground.” From my perch on Kang’s shoulder, I wiggle my feet at her. Ta’Or gives me a look and then tells me that I am to scout all the entries and enemies that I can find, also not to engage unless I’m fired upon. I nod my understanding of the orders and start to head out. Ta’Or sends Orloff with me to cover my back if needed.

Orloff sneaks up the road as I sneak up the rocks and along the side of the wall. The first thing I notice is this is more of a keep than a village. Along the walls I see four Slug-Bats, eight Builders that are looking bored. The Slug-Bats are asleep and drooling acid down on the ground. I manage to get past the wide open front gate as Orloff gets near the gate.

I find that the wall ends at the mountain side and other than coming over the wall the gate is the only opening. I start to head back and this time was not so good as a Golem, that was in the courtyard, starts to give the alarm: “Intruder alert!” I sign to Orloff to leave as I make a bigger target of myself.

The others can here this and I first see Asheenya casting as a caster bolt heads towards me, this causes it to go into the wall. Kang runs up to the wall and swings at a Slug-Bat to take it out.

A few of the Builders move towards me and several towards Asheenya. One attempts to shoot at Kang and misses as he didn’t have a good shot. Four other Builders shoot at Kang. One Builder had his caster blow up in his hand. I should tell Sky about this. The other three manage to hit Kang and manage to stun him. The last two aim at me. One misses and the other manages to stun me.

There is yelling from inside. Ta’Or moves up to the wall. I manage to shake off the hit and fly up, pulling my spear.

A Slug-Bat flies towards Ta’Or and spews acid at him for no effect, two move towards Kang and attack for nothing and one attacks me for nothing as well.

Bahiya moves towards a Slug-Bat. Sull moves behind me and says, “I have your back.” Then he shoots a Builder off of the battlements. Charis comes up on the battlements and charges a Builder, which turns at the last moment causing the hit to do no damage.

The Golem starts to aim at me and Sull, and as it does something goes wrong. The Golem says, “The humidity damage internal.” And then it falls down.

Asheenya flies forward and casts bolt at the Builder, at the same one that Charis hit, and bolt blows it up.

A Minotaur-Golem explodes out of a building and flies over to Charis to attempt to wound her.

Orloff sneaks into the courtyard.

A Ratson-Minotaur comes storming out of another building.

Asheenya casts bolt at the Minotaur-Golem. Orloff moves to the Ratson-Minotaur and smacks it to wound it.

The Minotaur-Golem moves in between Charis and Asheenya, then attacks both of them. The swing to Charis misses, and the swing to Asheenya connects but does nothing.
Orloff calls out, “Rub some dirt on it!”

A Tentacle comes out of the well in the middle of the courtyard and flails around nearly hitting Orloff. Two Necromancers come out to play and cast something that causes Zombies to come out of buildings to join the party.

I fly forward and stab a Necromancer dead, this causes four of the Zombies to drop still.

One Slug-Bat attempts to swing at Sull and then swings at Asheenya but no apparent effect on the hit.

Bahiya moves up and casts Jet to take out three Builders. Kang throws of the hit and moves up in the Ratson-Minotaur face and takes a swing, taking it out. Sull moves forward after throwing off the hit from a Slug-Bat, and then flies down the well to take on the Tentacle-Troll. Charis smacks the Minotaur-Golem and after screaming “I’ve had enough of this!” Swings and takes out the Minotaur-Golem then charges the last Necromancer and takes him out. Bahiya takes out the rest of the Slug-Bats and Ta’Or jumps down the well after Sull to pull him out.

We have managed to take Andwyr’ Point!

I'm Now A Watcher And Reporter!
Explosions In Caves Are Bad!!!!

This is one of the problems that I have with these reports, I can’t remember the days. Not that I took much stock in the days anyway.

I manage to see Gudmund, Luna, Ta’Or and Liarra head off to the briefing room and I head over to follow them. The Sargent Major is there. Gudmund starts filing down a rock and an Aevakar named Sull asks “Why?”
Gront says, “To make it sharper.”
Gudmund replies, “I hadn’t thought about that, but I will keep it in mind. I need the rock smaller.”

The Sargent Major starts the briefing, and the mention of us always on the Chimera’s tail, Gront looks confused. And starts to look for a tail that might have grown from his back side.
Sargent: “Sit down!”
Gront: “I am sitting!”
Sargent: “Sit still!”
Gront: “Chimera adds stuff to people!”
Sargent: “Has she touched you, yet?”
Gront: “She’s come close.”

The briefing continues and the mission is given. The Sargent Major looks over at me and tells me that my mission was to follow, record and to bring any news to him or to his second right away. And with this I am not to engage in ANY fighting while I’m trailing them.

As we get ready to depart, Ta’Or asks if he can get some oranges? The Sargent Major replies, “What do I look like a quarter master? Get out of here.”

We head to the stables and Gudmund asks for a cart, they give him one with a mule. Gudmund states that it’s better than a horse. Zerenelia says, “You should man up!” At this Gront grabs Gudmund by the belt. As I chuckle at this, an upside down Gudmund says, “Can you at least make it so I’m not face down?” Gront sets down Gudmund and appears to be looking for a better hand hold when Gudmund fixes his harness and says, “Here.”

Out of town we go. After a few hours Gudmund stops the group and points out a new trail that heads upwards. This new trail was very hard to find. We head on up and there are several places where all of the Aevakar and the Ogres have to duck through. The last one ends up an entrance to an open area with a waterfall. We see that the trail continues further and head on up.

An hour later we see a large forest and can start to make out a building face. Gudmund studies it for a few minutes and then starts to make a drawing of the layout of the building. Gront grabs a branch, managing to pull out the whole tree and explains that it is in case he needs to hide.
Ta’Or watches the rooftops, but is quiet and no movement. Gudmund suggests that someone go scout. Shayline approves of this and Sull goes out to scout. Gront attempts to see the magic and starts to turn green
. Gudmund states that if he calls out Glitter boom, don’t be in front of him.
Zerenelia asks why? Gudmund states to go through a lengthy explanation. Once he stops, a very green Gront says, “Gudmund talks too much.”

Sull, Liarra and Ta’Or start to track something. I think that Ta’Or was messing up the trail as Sull smacks him and says, “No!” Liarra pipes up that she has found something that she doesn’t recognize. Sull and Ta’Or move over. It is decided that we are in the correct place.

Gudmund looks over the place, as this was once a Dwarf’s Stronghold, and says that the traps are still active. Gudmund asks if there might be someone who can stop it without setting if off. Gront was starting to say he could, but at the last part says, “Oh.” As his mouth is open I quickly pop a leaf into his mouth and he starts to look better.

Shayline asks for more description about the leaver and where it would be. Gudmund answers and then Shayline walks through the ground. She finds two sets of archers as she gets close and before coming out of the ground casts obscure. Then she rises up and flips the lever.

As we see the doors open and mist come out of the doorway, Gudmund yells, “He’s in, go in!” At this Ta’Or charges in and sees a set of Red Store and finds that one of the Crossbowmen has a Red Store arrow sticking out of his shoulder. (Shayline tells me later, that the four Red Store shot into the mist and that two of them were wounded this way.) This threw off Ta’Or’s game as he misses the swing.

Zerenelia runs in after Ta’Or and takes out the wounded Red Store with an arrow. Shayline, with the mist, moves closer to the other group. She manages to take a swing at one and do a stunning hit. Then says, “You can surrender now.” The Red Store drop the crossbows and draw their swords.

Argoth charges in, making Zerenelia quickly move, as he busts through the wall on the other side of the doors. He manages to gracefully come to a stop before getting to the ruins of a bell.

The lone Red Store near Ta’Or drops the crossbow and attempts to hit Ta’Or with his sword. The ones near Shayline throw off the hit and attempt to hit Shayline.

Liarra moves in and sees the hole in the floor of the room that Argoth entered. Shayline’s ability to make her walk through the ground has also allowed her to know about this hole.
Sull moves in and runs part way up the wall to jump off of it to shoot the one in front of Ta’Or, stunning it. Gront moves in, picks up Gudmund to move him to the side.

Shayline smacks the same Red Store, taking him out, before offering the other the chance to surrender again. As the Red Store doesn’t appear to be in that mind set as he starts swearing, Shayline walks into the ground. Ta’Or sings and takes out the one in front of him before moving into the main room. Zerenelia moves closer to shoot the remaining Red Store, shaking him. Sull does another backflip and shoot the Red Store dead. Luna moves in and sees the big hole in the main room. Liarra moves up to the ledge of the hole and notices that the tracks lead down. Gudmund starts to disarm the trap, as Gront makes sure that no one can sneak up behind the group.

From the hole come two trolls mixed with a golem, they are huge.

Argoth charges to one of these things, causing Liarra to move out of the way. Argoth attempts to push it back down the hole and when that didn’t work he attacks it. This wounds it and causes it to fall down the hole. The fall causes Gront to attempt to figure out how deep the hole is, but he keeps saying, “One thousand.”

Luna hops up on some of the ruins and shoots the other Troll-Golem twice, and it also falls down the hole. Gront attempts to count again. Gudmund finishes with the trap and walks in to the main room. The others inform him about the Troll-Golem.

Gront walks to the bell and smacks it with his tree. The bell makes a dull thunk sound. Sull walks up to Gront and hands him a rock, saying, “Throw the rock.” Gront throws the rock over his shoulder as he asks, “Why?” Sull looks at where the rock landed and said, “No, you were to throw the rock at the bell.” Gront looks confused. Gudmund looking around, finds where the bell should be and points it out, as Shayline states, “I know you have an interest in this, but we need to continue.”

Sull hops down the hole with several others quickly following. Gudmund asks Gront, “Can you help me down, but don’t throw me.”

As people get down the hole, they find a machine that is part Archfire, part people and part crystals.
We hear a raven’s cry as the black feather on Gront’s tree shakes and then explodes into several smaller feathers. These feathers land on each of us, and for safe keeping I put mine in my hair.

Once they get over seeing the machine they notice that there are several Necromancers, Zombies and Maggot-Hounds. There is also a larger of the Troll-Golems here, this one has several arms with different types of weapons. I noticed a Ogre Axe, an Archfire Axe, and a Boom Caster, there were others.

Shayline moves further into this cavern, through the ground, and casts deflection.

The Maggot-Hounds move up to the group, but as they do Argoth moves up and sweeps them. This takes all of them out and Ta’Or calls out, “Now that’s what I’m taking about!” Zerenelia hops down and is overcome by the energy that it’s making. It just made me twitch. She quickly throws off the effects of the machine and casts three bolts. This takes out one of the Necromancers and stuns the other two. Gront picks up Gudmund and drop him down the hole, then quickly follows. Gudmund was able to quickly get out of the way. Gront heads further into the cavern and upon seeing the new Troll-Golem exclaims, “Fuck no!” Then Gront casts Jet to take out two Zombies, stuns the Troll-Golem, and wounds the main Necromancer, causing him to stop channeling energy. This was weird to watch, as I was hanging upside down at the edge of the hole.
Gudmund moves forward and calls out, “Glitter Boom!” Then he use the box at his hip, after it ignites he yells, “Oh my eyebrows! Oh my beard!” I guess he never used it under ground.

Ta’Or moves forward to two Zombies and sweeps them, taking them out and stunning the Troll-Golem. Liarra moves down and then takes over the Troll-Golem, the order was clear as the Troll-Golem then heads to the machine and starts to swing at it. There were three swings that just made dents on the machine. I notice that the Boom Caster was coming up and I quickly made my way out of the building. As I barely make it out the door, there is a large explosion.

After the dust settles I head back in to see if the group is alive. I notice that Shayline is working on getting the group unburied and I check the others. Liarra is the worst so I make sure that she won’t die while I am getting help. As they are all going to be stable for me to get help, I fly up and quickly find a way to mark this area. Then head off to get help. I get there and get Alexis to mind link with me as I demand healers. Alexis doesn’t wait for an explanation and gets word out and while we are waiting for them to get their equipment, I fill Alexis in. I get to the part about the explosion and hear the Sargent start laughing. At this, I get the hint that Alexis is linked to several people and they now all know about this.

Luckily for the group, most of the healers were Aevakars. I show them the way there, after the group is healed we then needed to find Gudmund. Gudmund taking the time to look around found a passageway that leads out to a valley. This is strange as we flew near this valley and were not able to see anything. This valley is so open and has a keep several yards away. We also see a mostly complete tower.

The magic users confirm that this is Chimera’s tower.


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