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“Maani’s Door”

In and around Sog is growing a legend or new tradition of having a special door made. The door is large enough to accommodate an Ogre and is easily twice the size of the door. This is in special recognition of a Ranger named Maan’i that created (a story of it’s own, see adventure log) his own door into an in by going through the wall. The Door is basically a larger door with the regular sized door inside it. The Larger Door can open all of it or if the person is smaller sized a smaller door is set into the door and may be used instead. This oversized door is so that Ogre’s may be comfortable and easily access the main area of the Tavern or Inn. Innkeepers are also discovering that if they have a “Maan’i’s Door” they may also move large pieces of furniture and tables and supplies more easily.

The Gobblin Gazette

This is a Local News Paper out of Sog. It’s range of delivery does surpass Sog going to the surrounding areas. It includes News, A Horoscope section, Advertisements from local and not so local businesses, A Recipie/Food article by Rok-tar a Dwarf that owns the Hero’s Hart Tavern and Luncheon, it also includes an Announcement section. The News Paper comes out on the first Restday of the month and on the Restday that is mid Month. The person that runs the Paper is also the person that runs the Post Service. Both are Private organizations that does accept donations and does have some support from it’s Advertisements and Announcements sections. Some articles are submitted for free by citizens as well as from the Bards or Post People that deliver it as well as deliver the Post on their travel. Eventually when the experiment succeeds the owner will travel to other towns to teach and help others set up Post Services to co-ordinate with as well as other Papers. The owner of both is dedicated to Truthful reporting and not scandals or being a smear rag. Also, Around Sog paper drop boxes have been made to discard read papers for recycle of paper and to keep the streets clean. The Residents of Sog are proud of their clean Streets.

Post Service

Sog has instituted a Post Service and asks that residents that do not have a concrete adress check once a month for any undelivered mail to them. The post service has a very small cost and is currently meant for a 1-2 page letter to be sent. Prices are up front and inexpensive. The Deliverers (Post People) have routes to the surrounding small villages and are mostly bards or traveling entertainers that will carry the Gobblin Gazette as well as have a smattering of other news. Arrangements have been made for a mail drops as complex things like Addresses have not been established yet. The Post Master has a meeting set with the Mak Tarkesh (High Chieftain) to work on this problem and officially assign names to streets in the spring.

Sog’s Volenteer Firefighters

During an encounter with Prelacy Spies the High Cheiftan has created a fire fighting group of citizens to put out fires that start up.

Main Page

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