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Bad Moth, No Killing

It's A What, Exactly?

6th of Harvest Moons

Artivan has received a request from a few farmers about a blight just past their farm. It is decided that Valitor, Salvator, Kassegore and myself are to go take a look at the blight. The farmer walks with us to his farm and then points us in the right direction.

Upon further scouting, we come across several of the undead, normal skeletons and then undead Ratson. This was very unnerving, at least for me. Kassegore just jumps right in and takes out a skeleton.

Two Ratson attempt to hit Kassegore in retaliation and miss. Three attack me, only one actually hitting and all that does is cause scratches. Four undead attempt to hit Salvator.

Salvator then turns himself into a light source, which takes out two of the Ratson, shakes six other Ratson and a Skeleton.

One other Skeleton moves up to Salvator and two to Kassegore. All of which miss their attacks.

Salvator makes the light pulse and takes out three more and stuns several others.

A Skeleton shakes off the effect of the light. A Ratson hits Salvator for a scratch. A Ratson attempts to hit Kassegore, although it only manages to make a hole. A different Skeleton attempts to do something, but there is nothing I could even remotely make out of its actions. Another Ratson attempts to hit me. A cloaked skeleton moves up to me and attempts to attack.

I stun the cloaked on and then get out of the way of Valitor. Valitor steps up and takes out the cloaked Skeleton.

A Minotaur comes charging out of nowhere and attempts to throw stones at me.

The Beast then makes an appearance and takes out a Skeleton with the Kayakor. Although the head butt and tail slap both miss their targets. I decide to try out my new casters and stun the Minotaur. Valitor sweeps the Ratson and Skeletons near him, taking out two of the Ratson and a Skeleton.

The Ratson shake of the light effect and two of them manage to stun Salvator. One Ratson attempts to hit Valitor.

Salvator, again, pulses the light. This takes out several Skeletons and stuns three Raton. Valitor hits a Skeleton and Ratson, taking out both. As the casters aren’t doing much against these, I switch them out for my spear and then fly down stabbing a Ratson. As the Ratson gets stuck on my spear, I then throw it at one of its companions, taking both out.

A Ratson stabs and stuns Valitor.

The Beast takes out the last Skeleton and then moves up to the Ratson. One gets taken out with the Beast’s head butt and another gets taken out with a tail slap. Salvator hits and takes out the last Ratson.

The transformation from the Beast to Kassegore starts. I hold Salvator and Valitor out of reach. I really should see how high Kassegore/the Beast can jump, so I could effectively keep allies out of range.

Kassegore is once again himself, and then the ground starts moving. After a bit, we see a Skeleton emerge from the ground. We quickly take it out. After a quick look around, we find several different locations where Skeletons will be appearing. Salvator, Valitor and Kassegore all stake out different locations to make sure that the dead stay down.

I take a closer look at the blight. There is a weird chrysalis thing dangling from a tree along with a talisman. I bring this to Salvator’s and Valitor’s attention. I hear Salvator say that he wants the chrysalis thing down, so I cut it down. It was being held up there by a silk string.

It seemed I moved to fast in getting the chrysalis down, as Valitor isn’t happy with me. Valitor then states that he doesn’t know what the talisman is. Kassegore doesn’t care, he just wants to cut it into many pieces. Salvator states that the talisman’s power has been spent. What ever was in the chrysalis has escaped and is totally evil.

There is a trail of blight leading to another meadow. We follow the trail. As the scout, I see several more groups of undead Skeletons and Ratson. We quickly make a plan: Kassegore on the far side of these undead and the two Priests of Light and I on the front lines.

I fly Kassegore to the far end. As I head back I notice that the center actually has three Necromancers, two Minotaurs, a Minotaur that has Arcfire arms and a black Moth thing. I continue back to Salvator and Valitor as quietly as I can and let them know.

Salvator casts deflection as Valitor calls out: “Deniers of Death, why don’t you kill yourselves or die by my sword.” Kassegore sneaks forward and quietly takes out the Skeleton that is hacking at a tree.

The Deniers of Death just shrug at this.

I fly above a Deniers head and shoot it in the head, this stuns the Denier and causes the illusion spell to drop. I then pull out my sword.

A Denier calls for the Moth to get me. The weird Minotaur moves forward near Valitor, then shoots him. This stuns Valitor.

Valitor then shakes off the hit and says: “Your corruption shall not sully these lands.” Valitor then swings at the Minotaur and stuns it. Salvator moves forward and casts bolt at the group of Necromancers. This wounds one and stuns another. This causes another spell to falter.

The Moth flies up and blows some blackness at me. As the tops of the trees in the line die, I dodge the blast. One of the smaller Minotaurs runs up to Valitor and as it does, Valitor stabs it and takes it out. The other smaller Minotaur runs up on Salvator and attempts to hit him.

Valitor keeps shouting different taunts at the group of Skeletons and Ratson. This gets four of the Ratson to attack Valitor, one Ratson climbs up and clings to Valitor’s shield and the others miss. Three other Ratson run up to Salvator and attempt to hit him.

Kassegore runs up to the group of Necromancers and with his Kayakor takes out one. Kassegore’s tail slap takes out another one. Kassegore then roars a challenge to the Moth. I call out “Beast wanta play?” Kassegore looks up at me and snarls. I say one moment.

The last Necromancer throws off the hit and casts something before running away. The large Minotaur shakes off the hit and swings at Valitor wounding him. The Moth accepts Kassegore’s challenge and flies down. The Moth then attempts to get both Kassegore and me in that weird breath thing. I fly behind Kassegore, successfully dodging the breath of death. Kassegore takes the hit and nothing seems to happen.

Three Ratson attempt to hit Valitor and miss, while a fourth manages to ding Valitor’s armor. Five Ratson attempt to hit Salvator and miss, while a sixth manages to ding Salvator’s armor. A Ratson moves forward and somehow kills itself on Valitor’s shield, then another steps into that space and attempts to hit Valitor.

Kassegore smacks the Moth with the Kayakor to stun it, attempts to tail slap it, then head butts it to take it out. Then he says, “So this is what death tastes like.”

Salvator then makes with the light, taking out four Ratson and stunning several others. As the Moth dies, several Skeletons drop. Salvator then turns and heals Valitor.

Valitor then attacks the large Minotaur to take it out, then hits a Ratson. I take out the last Necromancer. As he falls the rest of the undead fall as well.

Valitor studies the tree and the chrysalis in it. He informs us that these creatures are an ancient being known as the Phoenix Moths. The black one was a corrupted one and the Necromancers destroyed one other. Salvator then looks at me and I nod and take off as fast as I can back to Sog.

I finally reach Sog and go directly to Artivan and tell him that we have a un-hatched creature that needs to be protected until the triple full moon as Valitor called the creature a Phoenix Moth and there was a group of Necromancers that were attempting to corrupt it. I also inform Artivan that even in a chrysalis this thing heals people and plants.

Artivan looks stunned at this news and then calls for Cairos to make a new roster for the patrols to cover this area and to get the Druids out there to protect it. Artivan then turns to me and asks me to keep the group there until the others arrive. I nod at Artivan as I head back out to the others, making a quick stop for rations.

As soon as I get back to the others, I let them know that Artivan is sending patrols and Druids out as soon as he can. Salvator pulls me over to the tree and lets it heal me as I pushed myself as fast as I could to get to Sog and back.


Saiderin aaeoina

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