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My Crazy Trip to the Ocean

I Have a What Now?

I started to head to Artivan’s office when I heard him yelling get out. I quickly discover that Kassegore has yet again made another of this island crazy. Well in all good faith, turn about should be fair play.

I quickly step in his way and ask if he’s had a chance to look over the requisition requests that I have filled out. After all he is the quartermaster. He snarls at me.

I tilt my head at him and say: “That won’t work with me, I do know that you are quite intelligent and currently have the full ability for speech. I’m not one of those that you need to keep on their toes. Would you like to try that again?”

Kassegore’s responds “It is an acceptable response. Given the nature of your requisitions I’d prefer not to dignify it with words.” He will tries to leave at this point.

I get the following objections:
Whale – You will get no response. He’s not going to dignify it with anything other than a stamp that says “DENIED.”
Cleaning fluid – Denied. You’re not on cleaning staff.
Horse – Redundant and inefficient use of resources.
Boat – At such a time the Rangers acquire a river-worthy craft use will be determined on a case by case basis.
Pets – Personal expenses, you’re paid. Stop wasting my time.

If pestered further he’ll look at Sky like he did Nightingale when he tore off the ogre-zombie’s cranial implant. It’ll shift to the look he sometimes gives Derrick Rufis or Cairos. It’s a look he gives right before he relays particularly unpleasant orders and he’ll give Sky a date and time to be at the Hero’s Heart Cafe for a shift as Rufis’ “drinking buddy.”

As he seems to pause for an answer, I look at Artivan’s closed door and say: “You seem to be getting worked up about this, I wonder if we should be troubling Artivan with this?”

Kassegore just looks at me, before heading off towards the warehouse. Feeling closer to my age than I have in a long while, I start acting like one of the younger teenagers from back on the island. Mostly repeating the questions of “Why?” and “Why not?”

After a few minutes of this, Kassegore bares his teeth at me and tells me that I need to leave for a while. I take this as a wonderful order and head back to my room. I figure that most of the towns on this new island has been reached in a few days that I can get to the ocean before anyone misses me. But just in case I leave a note for Gunther and Felosia saying that I headed out exploring and should be back within 3 days. After all, the past three weeks—watching Kassegore almost take out an Orc, then having to find Father Salvator and lastly the shopping trip with Father Salvator and Derick calls for a reward. I should be back in time to be Rufis’ drinking buddy.

After leaving the notes where they could be found, I set off. I did sneak in and get a map to see which way the closest way to the ocean was. I do stop to check in on the newest members of the Rangers, since I hadn’t done that in the previous weeks and see how they are faring. The biggest complaint that they seem to all have is that the food isn’t as good or up to par as they were use to. I suggested that they head over to the Hero’s Heart and see if they could make some of the food they were use to. That seemed to cheer them up.

As it has been quiet, I forgot about the fact that we are not at peace. I didn’t make as good of time as I expected, dodging forces adds time. I figure that I can still spend another half a day, after looking at the map. By the end of the third day, I had to admit that I was lost. This island is much bigger than what I first thought.

At the middle of the fourth day, I find a nice farmer who states that I’m close and that near the ocean is a group of Rangers that I could possibly send word back to my post that I am alive. I take the farmer at his word and in two hours I found myself seeing a wonderful sight. Its been months since I’ve seen the ocean, and for a few hours I get caught up. As the sun starts to set, I see about finding the Rangers. After several hours, I come across a large tree that could hide me until dawn.

The next day, I start my search again for more Rangers. I am most certain that those back in Sog are going to tease me about not being able to read a map. I see several individuals harvesting the crops and they seem to want to hide from me, so I don’t stop to get better directions. Around noon, this old man waves me down and starts yelling at me to stop dinking around and get up to the manor and help the others. Among his yelling was detailed directions to this manor, so I waited him out and apologized for my tardiness and headed off. As I was leaving I heard him say: “With all of her dilly dalling, you would think that she was lost!” I didn’t want to have another lecture yelled at me, so I left him to his thoughts.

The manor that the old man spoke of, was surrounded by Rangers making several repairs. It looked like they were at the end of putting in some sort of platform in. I found out as I got closer, that this platform was going to be for the aid in the defense of the manor, so lots of individuals and gear could get to the top of the barricade faster. As they made it strong enough to carry the very large Orc, Grimjack, who makes Maa’ni look like a child.

I slowly and carefully make my way to the manor, as I really don’t want to come under fire from these six Rangers. They all look as imposing as Artivan can be. After a few minutes they start calling out to a Dwarf that heads my way. He introduces himself as Sergeant Rallidon Fyrforg and I introduce myself as Corporal from Sog. Before I can mention that I am lost, he asks for my help in getting the manor ready for the Rangers stationed here. Mostly it was looking out to see if any other enemy was lurking around.

Later that night I find out that the Sergeant and the five others; Geppert, Flint, The Murv, Roauk, Grimjack and Thraxx had come out to help out the Rangers that were stationed here. I thought that I heard them say this was Artimas, but when I went to look on the map, I didn’t find it there.

The next morning they invite me to travel with them, as they say its on the way back to Sog. I heartily agree, as I still have no clue as to were I am. I do manage to find out before we head off that there is no Adept that can reach Sog and let them know that I am ok. And I would reach Sog before any message that I might send. Artivan is going to be extremely mad at me.

I spend the first day out getting to know these new Rangers, mostly to distract myself from the problems back at Sog. When we camp for the night, it occurs to me that Artivan might actually demote me and that thought cheers me up. The next morning, however, I am depressed as I find out that it is the 9th of Raining Leaves. I am now a week over due!

As these thoughts come into my head, we start hearing weird sounds from up ahead. I ask if they would like for me to scout ahead and the answer was yes, but keep in sight. I was a bit confused as I headed off, though the answer did spark a debate as to the effectiveness of my scouting this way. It appears that the other scout was very wounded when she fell out of the sky.

I find a large group of Ratson, a weird looking Troll, several bats and dog-like creatures that are just off somehow, two Builders and a Necromancer. I head back and report what I saw, which wasn’t much. The group attempts to get close enough to smack them without being detected, although with the flat ground that wasn’t very close at all,

It was interesting seeing this group in action, even though there was a large group of enemies the fight was over quickly. Rorauk ran up to what I had thought was a Troll, which was a golem-ized Minotaur. It had a tail, which the others told me later was a scorpion tail with the poison sac. Rorauk using his fists, smashed the creature’s nose in with a upper-cut. I don’t think that the creature was put together well, as it turned in to goo from the hit.

The reason that the dogs looked wrong is that they were also changed. The bats had weird looking faces, those looked like someone put a sea slug’s head attached to a bat.

These creatures are just so, grotesque and the hit was so amazing, I didn’t see who took out two of the bats. I gather my senses to see who is still among those in the back and ask: “Who wants a ride to the middle of the fight, now!?” To which Thraxx answers: “I do!” I fly over to him and pick him off of his horse and get him as close as I can to the fight, before dropping him off. As I drop him off he says: “Thanks for flying Aevakar Airlines, when you need to deliver Archanon’s Justice quickly, there is no better choice!”

Three Ratson run up to him and before they could even swing at him, Thraxx takes them all out. As I watch the fight, the enemy attempting to get to us, I notice that the Necromancer is still attempting to cast something, so I shout back: “Are we really worried about what the caster is doing?” Rallidon shouts back yes, and I reply: “Do you want me to go take him out while you take care of this?” Again the answer is yes.

As I turn to head off to take out the Necromancer, the funniest thing happened. One of the Builders, turns and fires on the other. As that control golem is now in pieces, we have less enemies to fight. But the Builder wasn’t finished, he continued creating havoc for the enemy by using the creatures to attack the Necromancer and then each other.

When the Builder is the last, non-Ranger on the field, he very carefully raises his arms and calls out that he did it all for the beautiful angel. And if that wasn’t weird enough, the Builder called this out in Goblinesh. This Builder wants to help us and works with us to see if we can recover useful items. There are several casters that are recovered and at my interest and mention of Maggpie they send me home with two of them as well as some bracers.

We find that on one of the Minotaurs that there was a cannon attached to its back. After several of us attempting to remove it to see if we might be able to find out how it worked along with how it was attached, we had to give up as it was beyond us. Our new ally didn’t seem to mind us looking over the dead, but once we got near his control golem he would get animated. He would not have this reaction with me, but everyone else.

At Rallidon’s prompting I get assurances that the Builder will not use the control golem against us. Rallidon decides to allow the Builder to keep the control golem.

The next two days are very interesting, as the Builder tended to just follow me everywhere. The only times that I could get him to stay in a spot was if I promised to be back. As we get closer to the end town, Rallidon has me riding on the control golem to make sure that we don’t cause too much of a panic.

Rhion proves to have access to the river that Sog is near and I think that Rallidon has finally figured out that I was lost as he finds a captain that is willing and able to take the Builder, the control golem and I up to Sog. What Rallidon and I didn’t realize is that the Builder had done some scavenging himself.

During the trip back to Sog, the Builder tells me his name is Grak and that I should learn how to use the weapons that I now have. He kept insisting that I learn, even though I kept telling him these were for a friend. What finally ending the argument was when he said that “His beautiful angel should learn how to properly use the armor that is being made for her.” So I started learning.

I wonder what Artivan is going to say about what I am bringing back. And as I start to see Sog, I realize that what Grak is doing and what he has done is exactly what Ventti has done for Maeve.

Sog just got interesting.


Saiderin aaeoina

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