Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Sog

Nightingale's Bad Day

Wait! I Whistle When I Cry Now?

23rd of White Stag

Its been several days since the Prelacy tried to set fire to Sog. A blizzard has rolled through, on the rare occasion Artivan has several of us in his office. I make the suggestion that we strive to keep the roads clear in case there is another emergency. It wouldn’t be a good use of our resources to do so, but it would be an even worse idea to have Salvator or Artivan keep boosting the strength of others in order to get to the emergency. Artivan likes this idea and has Cairos set up a rotation for us to do so.

Artivan has Roc-tar and I looking into the potions that the Prelacy had. After a few days Roc-tar goes and gives Artivan the findings. I’m not sure I helped much. Sometime later, Roc-tar comes back and says that he needs to make several stealth potions that are going to the group headed back to Stoon.

I head back and find out who will be going on the mission. Artivan, Salvator, Sky, Magpie, Kassegore, and Gudmond are those that are heading out. After finding this out I hand Artivan, Salvator, Magpie and Gudmond healing potions. Sky asks if they are the small heal or the extreme emergency heal, I sign that its the extreme emergency heal. She nods and I head back to the inn to help Roc-tar.

Roc-tar is happy to have the help, at least at first. I watch him make one of the potions and then start to make some of the others. It seems as if Roc-tar is very particular about the whole process. He caught me attempting to do two at once and started yelling at me about the explosive materials that I was handling and if I couldn’t keep to one at a time that I would cause an explosion in his lab. I stopped doing two at once and started to finish the first one. Roc-tar keeping a closer eye one me then started to yell that I was using bad ingredients and that I needed to get out.

I am very confused by the others complaining about the fact that potions explode. I have never had one explode nor had I ever heard of one exploding before. Father always stated that one needed to be careful, but that was due to the fact that some of the ingredients are expensive and rare.

As I headed out of the workspace, I see Vhen. He comes over and asks me what is wrong. I start to explain about not being able to go on missions and getting thrown out of the workspace. Halfway through reading the explanation, I see that Vhen is attempting to hide laughter. When I asked why he was laughing, he stated that all potions explode at one time or another while being made. I feel worse and Vhen starts to explain that there was a reason why all who make potions have a quiet place to make them. For some reason this just really upset me. I started crying so hard that I actually was making whistling noises.

As I didn’t want to upset the few other patrons or Joc-tar, I head out of the Inn. Vhen noticing that his explanations have just made it worse, follows me. He sent for or some of the children, that normally hang out around the Inn, must have gotten Felosia. For Felosia shows up shortly after I have left the Inn.

As I have yet to calm down and am still making a whistling noise, Vhen starts telling Felosia what the problem is. Felosia slowly walks me back to her room and waits out the tears. After I calm down a bit she starts telling me about a Goblin in the Ranger’s, Gibben Draxx. From the description, I realize that I did see him a few times while we were at Thul. Felosia goes on to tell me that several times, he has potions explode while making them. Its one of the reasons he has so little hair.

I still have some disbelief that this can happen, so Felosia tells me to wait and then leaves the room. She comes back with a Mission report from Sky. Its one of the first ones that she did, it mentioned that Gibben had handed her a potion and told her to break it on the water and to be careful. It looks like Gibben’s potions explode as he attempts to make new types of recipes instead of keeping to known ones. But reading how shocked and confused at the “mission” Sky was, it did cheer me up.

I head out of Felosia’s room, now knowing why she is the second in command of Sog.


Saiderin aaeoina

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