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Our Arcfire Items!

At Least It Wasn't The Tavern

20th of Harvest Moons

We are pulled into Artivan’s office to be informed that lots of Arcfire stuff is missing. Maggpie informs us that there will be an auction on some Arcfire items and that he knows where it is and what the password to get in is.

Artivan sends, after some discussion, to the person in Kithress who is in charge of the Mechinarim. Hopefully to get them back here to get the items from the auction. Maggpie points out that the auction is in two days and is a day up river, in a riverside tavern.

The plan is for two groups to go in, the first is Kassegore, Salvator and myself. The second is Artivan, Maggpie, and Bahiya.

Once we reach the tavern, Kassegore heads in and checks it out, then he calls out that the tavern is secure. Salvator walks in with me on his arm and buys a drink for O’Mally. As this isn’t the full password I chime in with “and his stamina in bed.” This confuses the innkeeper and several other people in the tavern.

A drunkard comes over and asks how we know O’Malley. Salvator tells the drunkard, “It’s impolite to ask a lady that, especially one that is on another man’s arm.”

The drunkard then asks Salvator the same thing. Salvator replies that he was a sailor. The drunkard then says that he will take us to the private party in the back and leads us outside, then down some stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs is a door, and they start to lead just Salvator in to see what the items are up for auction. Salvator notices and says that I need to come in as I am the expert. The drunkard, who isn’t drunk, says only one of us can go in. So I head in.

This room has several items that are, indeed from Sog, along with some new scary items. There is a Arcfire bomb, a forge (I know that Grak would love for us to get our hands on that!) and a tunneler. I then am lead out of the room to the others and we are escorted to the auction room. The guard heads back to the item room and I stop the others before entering the auction room and tell them about the new items.

Kassegore then moves into the room, does the bodyguard thing and then nods us in. Salvator escorts me into the room and we sit down at one of the free tables. Around the room we see another Dregordian, several Orcs, a Priest of Light with several soldiers. Taking a closer look, the Priest of Light is actually a Necromancer and is surrounded by Skeletons. I grab Salvator’s arm in effort not to whimper.

The auctioneer starts to say “We are waiting for another group.” As Artivan, Maggpie, and Bahiya come in.

Artivan, standing in the doorway, says, “We did on all and out bid any.”
Auctioneer replies, “Well it’s a lot bid.”
Artivan haughtily replies, “I know that, we out bid anybody.”

The Necromancer then attempts to cast something at Artivan and fails. A Skeleton takes out the auctioneer and another knocks on the wall.

Artivan, still blocking the door, says “Everyone who does not oppose the Rangers get to live. The Red Store can surrender or die. Necromancer you can just die!”

Bahiya casts a blast that drops two Orcs, stunning them, and then takes out two Skeletons. The Orc leader states that the Orcs do not oppose the Rangers. Artivan states that they can leave. Bahiya says something to the Necromancer (in her native language). Maggpie smiles at this and moves to the Necromancer, Maggpie then stabs the Necromancer and takes it out.

A Red Store casts something on Kassegore while another says, “How about just letting us go?”

Artivan replies, “That’s not what we offered.”
Kassegore then cuts down two of the Red Store and part of the wall. Then it appeared that the Beast was upset and tails slaps one more down and uses the Kayakor on the other Dregordian.

The Prelacy breaks out and one runs out of the room through a hole. Artivan looks over at me and I nod before taking off through one of the holes. Artivan then calls out “Sky has the runner.”

Salvator blasts the Skeletons and manages to take out a Red Store as well. As I get out of the room and am going after the Prelacy, I notice something big in the water and shout this back to the others. Before I get out of ear-shot I hear the Ivan and the other Orcs ask, "We good?’
Artivan replies, "Yes, just remember this.
Ivan then grunts something and shortly later I hear Artivan exclaim, “You have a card! I don’t have a card!” And the reply of “I know a guy in Sog.”

As another blast comes out of a wall, looking like Bahiya’s blast I think (I find out later that she took out four Prelacy with this)

Artivan then hollers “Anyone alive out there, you might want to surrender!” The runner stops and holds up his hands in surrender.

As I bring the Prelacy back, I hear a shout of “BEAST!” Then shortly afterwards, Maggpie flies out to see what is in the water and calls out to Artivan, “Can I claim it?” And I then ask, “If he can’t can I?”

Artivan, sounding very frustrated at us, calls out, “Can we deal with the current owners first?” I suppose that we sound like two small children fighting over a toy.

This boat-like thing comes up from under the water, there are Golems on it as well as new weapons that we have yet to see in action and then we hear, “We want our property back.”

Artivan calls for Maggpie to go get their stuff. Maggpie then calls for my help, Artivan waves me down for a moment and says, “Arm the bomb.” I nod and take off after Maggpie.

We manage to get the door open and find the bomb already armed. I suggest to Maggpie that we make it look like the bomb isn’t armed. After several minutes, Artivan comes down and tells us to make the bomb go off now and for me to take the items from Sog and get as far as I can away from them. I grab all of our Arcfire stuff and take off.

A few moments later the bomb goes off and I hear, “We will be getting all of our stuff back, either by peace or by force.”

When I get back to the tavern, I first notice that the dock is completely gone and then I see Bahiya slapping Artivan and Maggpie. Kassegore then asks the scary question, “If Artivan dies, would he of Salvator be in charge?”

Maggpie and I both answer Kassegore with, “Felosia is second in command.”

Artivan leaves a note that the Rangers will pay for a new dock, and then we realize that the ship that brought us here was gone as well as the dock.


Saiderin aaeoina

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