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Privet Musings of Gudmund Stonebook: Into the Darkness

Into the Darkness

So we seem to have cleared half the town with ease, yet now the next section of town seems to be radiating darkness. I am ok wandering a cave in the dark, or a clan home with little to no light, I do not like it at all when outside and buildings start to radiate darkness. As we all stopped to focus on this new arrival, that’s likely what it is, a few more of the Red Store and Prelacy guard types spill out into the street. I saw one run down a side street to pass word of us, I was thinking I should go and stop him, than I hear screaming. He did run around the building with the darkness. So I take a shot with my new crossbow at the ones foolish enough to charge out into the open, it was more to make them cover or seek shelter, surprisingly I hit one of them and he staggers into the wall. Since I just gathered there attention I suppose reactivating my AAS is a good plan and I do so on the run heading out of sight and towards the side street where the runner went.

Some of the others had not made it out of the building yet and they run out to check out the darkness and note there are more of the misguided soldiers attacking us. The large warrior charges them as they keep running down the street at us. Salvatore sends a bolt or three to say hello. The oddest thing about the wolves they take off in two directions one passing me and the other charging right behind the large guy, almost like a dog chasing a cat, other than she helps to attack the guys that wanted to meet us. Not exactly sure what the other wolf is doing but there is screaming and a sploosh from down the side street. I am guessing I don’t need to follow the runner any more. The others make fast work of the 3 that charged us and keep moving down the street to where they popped out. There was one slower goblin she decided to have a look around first and seems to have been successful with this delay coming out tucking papers of some type away.

Still the building is radiating this dark presence so I try to run over and bash the door. I must say that I felt like a man standing upon a slippery moss covered slope as I bounced off the terribly made door. The others don’t seem particularly interested in this building darkness and all. The large war cat gets to the door the guards came from and he has much better luck splitting that one with his ax. Down side to getting the door open though, you get shot at, and people waiting for the door to open stab you. He does not lose his guts or glory and holds the door open as the others charge down to help him. They are fighting what sounds to be a large group. Felosia is yelling about another presence in the open area, yet I am still worried about the dark one inside the building, and now I am wondering if it is a great idea to even open the door.

There is commotion inside the building and I think I can see Ta’Or soaked and dripping wet surrounded by shapes in the center of the dark area. I think about the fact that if I can see in then my glitter could get through the cracks. I know Ta’Or is good at getting out of the way; we played this once before, so I decide to try the glitter boom threw the door. It works, not exactly the way I had planned, in trying to get the nozzle of the glitter boom right up to the door for the best spread I think I held the lever to long. That is my best guess as to why the entire building blew up, there might have been other flammables inside that got ignited, Ta’Or was now wrapped around a rafter completely dry and actually smoldering some. The force of the blast nearly shook me off my feet and after all this the door decides it should just fall down. I am happy that the signal we set up worked out so well, even if he was not in the group to start, yelling glitter boom gave him the time he needed to get to safety. Not so for the undead or there handler that had been plaguing him. This does leave a large open space into the next building where the larger fight is going on.

There is a streak as one of the wolves runs through the fire and into the larger building. Seconds after the goblin comes around the corner and darts into the burning building and starts sifting through things and finds a trove of documents. Not sure how she can do that, run into a burning building and know exactly where to look, it was quite impressive. I hear Felosia tell someone that whoever is hurting the Dwarf is up there get there and stop them fast. There are heavy treads, screaming and body parts falling from the second story soon after. I think the war cat has gotten himself to where ever she wanted, he sure seems to take this fighting stuff to heart, I hope it’s not just for the gold. Just after this Ta’Or swings over into the other building and there is a second explosion that followed the shouting of the Prelacy to get the boat ready. I must guess that Rok-tar readied it for them. This I think was enough, I cannot see what all was going on in the next building but I hear a voice say maybe we should talk, just as I run through the fire and say Surrender or I glitter boom. I wish even in my heart I could believe it was something I did but the remanding soldiers surrender and Felosia takes command of them.

We wrap things up and get ready to head back to Sog. I asked the goblin, she really has gotten large amount of data I need to get her name so I can foot note for my full report to the order as well as the Rangers, what she had picked up? There is much to go through; so far a cursory glance shows that the movement is heading towards Troll Keep. I will have to get a fast report together that can be sent that direction so they will know what to expect. There is too much to go through before the warning is sent, the boat ride back down the river would not even give me time to put a dent in the raw data. A good portion will be useless, yet the key elements need to be sent out as soon as I get back, I can’t work on the pages during a river journey in a small boat. Maybe we need a sinking boat like the Builders. I know that I need to modify my armor to improve it as they do. With the help of others that know how to take it apart and work with me like Magpie and The Builder friend of Sky’s I might be able to duplicate in part some of the things they can do. Maybe I can work on my armor and armor additive system on the way back. That would be helpful I am not sure that I will have much time in the next few days with all of the documents she has found.


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