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Siege on the Engine of War

Less metal and equipment to use for their siege on Thuls

Pilgrim’s Journal, Day 85 (Siege on the Engine of War)
1st of Dancing Clouds, 3123
I was chosen for another mission. Sent out on the mission by a goblin Alchemist named Lieutenant Gibben Draxx – Grey Lantern and Commander of the Rangers of Jasara. He seemed very tired and worn out. When I arrived he seemed asleep. I left him be until the others arrived, he woke up under his own accord at that point.
My companions were: Guriel a fellow Brinchie of a different type than me, Luna an Aevakar Scout and expert archer, Liarra and Adept with partially star colored hair, Sky a commander in Sog and also an Aevakar Archer, and Magpie also an Aevakar who was chosen because of his brief training in Archfire technology upon which it was surmised that the siege engines run on.
We were sent out to check out a gathering of Builder’s siege engines. On the way we encountered 3 Builders and a Control Golem. Unfortunately we killed them without interrogating them much to my own disgrace. But their trails lead us to a camp that was in the process of being abandoned as a equipment and storage cache for their war effort. A number of Builders just walked off leaving some soldiers and some builders in the camp. They left dozens of their great siege engines that could reduce the entire town of Thuls to rubble in minutes. They were fearsome large self propelled grinding machines. We found that it seemed most of the Builders just evacuated in a calm collected manor. Were they going to a meeting or briefing? I wonder about these Builders. Perhaps they can be convinced to turn their talents towards peace and for the benefit of the people. Alas, none seem willing to talk to us when captured or when simply left alone.
Liarra set up a mental link between her Lieutenant Gibben Draxx and Magpie. And we reported afar. Gibben’s response was a bit delayed as I believe he was asleep. He gave orders to disable or destroy all that we could, specifically the Giant Contron Golem. “Kill it with fire.” Was the response I heard. Well, lacking fire large enough we did our best to first take out the machines of destruction which was a job for Sky, Guriel, and others while Me and Liarra and worked on setting the supplies in a big pile, crystals in the center, those that we couldn’t carry, as I had taken a large sack and put as much as I could fit in it of the ammunition crystals as I could. The rest we coated with oil, spirits and the like. I dug a channel to pour oil in for a trench to give us a way to have a little more time and I found a bundle of fire sticks to stick into the dirt and then light that, it would burn down and then set the whole thing on fire. Liarra, Luna, and I went to attack those on the ground while the others started the attack. The signal was the smoke from the fire to commence a simultaneous attack. We all went to the attack. The end result was that we took them all out and the equipment. Our allies showed up later that day in force and took care of what was not burned. I dug out of the fire a large 6 inch globe of fused crysarium crystals and when I presented the large bag and the fused crystals to the commander he said that I should give the crystals to my commander back at base. I turned over the large bag to Lieutenant Gibben Draxx later but I asked the commander if I could keep the fused ball and he said yes. It was still pretty and I will see what I can do with it. Liarra said that unless energized the crystals won’t explode and that she could not have that much crysariusm around her as it will mess with her focus stone and then shows me her focus stone for focusing The Way and it is made out of a type of crysarium crystal. I did not know this. Liarra seemed to be upset at overexerting herself and turning her hair the color of stars. The ends of the hair up about 3 inches turned her hair a pure star white color. She explained that when you burn up your soul in over exertion that it does that. I told her that I had hope that she did not burn up her entire soul in overexertion but her hair was a very pretty color and she should not feel that it degrades her appearance in any way. She is still very beautiful. When I told her she blushed prettily. I hope that one can grow their soul back as one can their hair. The Masters would know back home. Perhaps I should send a letter home to update them on my quest.
Speaking of my quest, I got a chance to speak with the other Brinchie. He is the first of my kind that I had ever met. He explained to me that my coloring is not a clan affiliation. Any Brinchie can be born of any color. That there are very few of my coloring but they are all of a cat type and it varies greatly. This was most disturbing, almost as disturbed as he was when he explained that all Brinchie have claws. That is still a mystery. But I have never felt lessened for not having them. My fingers simply became harder and toughened, while keeping our races natural flexibility. I come to find that all Brinchie children are restless and prone to fighting. The Masters must truly had a tough time with me. I also found that my race has a propensity of being aggressively active and when not active they tend to be very distracting. Each Brinchie deals with it in different ways. Guriel showed me a ball of yarn given to him that he bats around when being still does not sit well. I seemed to be the first to deal with this by regular meditation and the fact that I have a natural calming soul, as the Masters said. My full Korindian name does translate to “Calming Thunder” and Vhen was only a part of it.
With this new information, I shall have to figure out how to go about finding out about my past, meaning my parentage and the situations surrounding my birth up to my Founding day when the Korindian’s found me on their shores. Hmm, Ships trade routes. Maybe I fell off of a ship and my Mother and Father think that I have died. That would be sad to think of them missing me and morning me but it would be a joyous occasion if I were to find them and let them know that I am still alive and well and have thrived under the Masters’ hands.


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