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Silly Prelacy, We Can Keep Sog Fire Free

Tree Pretty, Fire Bad. Food Soon?

20th of White Stag

The morning after the interesting sparing matches that Maggpie decided to have, Artivan sets up a team of Rangers to rebuild the furniture that Maggpie and Kassegore destroyed. Afterwards we get served breakfast.

Kassegore and Maggpie have a conversation that causes Nightingale to fall from her perch in the rafters, laughing.

A human comes in rolling a barrel, through the front door and says “Delivery.” Roc-Tar comes forward and asks, “Delivery? What Delivery?” The human looks at the barrel and says, “Yes, Firebeard Ale.”

Kassegore leans towards Roc-Tar and asks, “Don’t you make that here?” Roc-Tar replies, “Yes, I do.” At this the human starts to take off, Maggpie catches him at the door.

Kassegore calls for Salvator to check the barrel for magic. Gudmund also heads over to look at the barrel.

As the human starts to struggle, Maggpie pulls his sword out and holds it to the human’s throat. This makes the human stop struggling. Maggpie then moves the human towards Kassegore.

Gudmund calls out that the top just comes off. As Salvator determines that there is magic in the barrel, but he can’t figure out what it is, Artivan calls, “Maggpie switch positions with Salvator. Give the human to The Beast.” Maggpie then looks for any traps that the barrel might have.

Artivan then tells me, “Get out of the Inn, in case this goes south.” I call out to Nightingale to get out as well and head towards the closest exit. As I am heading out Maggpie calls out, “This is Arcfire.” Artivan starts to change the plan to have both Maggpie and I fly it out of the Inn.

Maggpie has Artivan and Salvator cast something on him as the human passes out at the faces that Kassegore was making. Maggpie looks sharply at the barrel and says that its ticking. Maggpie then calls for me to stay at the Inn and takes off in the air with the barrel. I stick my head out and notice that Nightingale is clearing the area near the Inn.

Maggpie gets to a point where he chucks the barrel higher in the sky and starts to dive down. Shortly after this, the barrel explodes, and I notice that Maggpie was affected by the blast. I catch Maggpie and bring him down. As this was happing Artivan started to give out orders to see who was behind this and see if there are others. Gudmund and Maggpie come into the Inn stating that there are three fires. One is at the Wall, one is in the residential area, and one is near our Headquarters. Artivan says, “Right then, new plan. We need to stop these fires.”

Gudmund and Maggpie are headed off towards the wall, Artivan and Kassegore are headed to the residential area, and Salvator and I are headed towards Headquarters.

As we get to Headquarters, we see that its one of the Granaries that is on fire and that there are people trapped inside, I put Salvator on the ground. I holler to the Orcs on the ground to start putting the fire out as I head into the Granary and pull those trapped out. This new armor makes going into the fires very hot! Salvator starts to go after the ones who started the fire.

The townsfolk start doing something, that causes the fire to become worse. I then start shouting orders, in order to get it back in control. There was one Orc, who look at me and he calls out, “I’m so inspired by my Angel. Battog would follow you anywhere!” Oh no, not another one! How many will end up following me?"

We finally get the fire under control when Nightingale flies up to inform us that there is another fire at the leaders of Sog’s Headquarters. Of the three that are here, I tell one to stay put in case a fire starts up and grab the other two towards the new fire. Battog seemed to enjoy it, the other just screamed the whole way there. Battog did yell out, “I’m flying to the rescue!”

We get there in time to see Kassegore, Maggpie and several others trying to get the fire under control. Maggpie looks off in the distance, then looks at the group and grabs the one that screamed the whole way here and takes off towards another fire. The goblin, screamed the way there again.

I leave the others to fight the fire, as I head in to get the leaders out of the fire. I hear Gudmund giving directions and as I get the last leader out, I see Battog head butting a wall. I see Kassegore and Salvator heading off towards those that started the fires. Gudmund points out that there are several different spots on the walls that look like they are the start of these fires. Nightingale nods at this and signs quickly that painting over these spots will stop them from starting fires. I shove a potion down Battog’s throat to have him regain his wits and tell him to go to the Ranger’s Warehouse and get what is called Scrubbing Bubbles. He runs away looking a bit confused.

I tell Nightingale to give this information to Artivan and she flies off. I start calling for Rangers and townsfolk a like to start looking for these patches. That way we can work on stopping the fires before they start. The townsfolk look to the leaders and they give there approval on this plan. As they start looking for the squares on the walls I head back to the Ranger’s Headquarters and tell them the same. I grab Jacque and ask him, as he is a noble, to please send this information to the other sections of the city as I need to be here in case another fire starts. Jacque nods at me and takes off.

Vhen startles me as he jumps down from a roof and tells me of another fire that has broken out, near where I am. I quickly inform him of what needs to be looked for and covered over to stop these fires from even starting, I also inform him that I haven’t been able to get a message to Maggpie, but Nightingale should have brought this information to Artivan.

I then take off to the new fire, as Vhen heads off to find others to pass the news to. Stopping only to grab quick drinks of water, the rest of the day passes in much of this fashion. Vhen and Nightingale both stop by and report that the Hero’s Heart Inn and the actual Ranger’s Headquarters have not been hit all day. This report brings Artivan, Salvator, Kassegore, Gudmund and I back together. As we ponder this news, we get a report that the Hero’s Heart Inn has actually caught fire on the roof.

The group of us reach the Inn and see that people that had been wearing disguises were actually Prelacy soldiers. Artivan calls for the fliers on the roof, heavy hitters at the front door and fast movers to the back. I pull Battog to the roof with Maggpie and myself. I tell him to take care of the fire on the roof as I head down to the second floor. I quickly notice that no one is in them, as all the doors are open, and head down the stairs. Upon reaching the door leading to the common room, I am hit by someone walking past me.

As I look out I see that Kassegore has taken out two of the soldiers and several soldiers seem to do something to the fires that are in the room and what appears to be the leader, walks up to a fire and starts to giggle.

Salvator walks in and blasts two of the soldiers taking them out, the third appears to be stunned. Then Artivan walks in shouting, “Alright you bloody Prelacy bastards, I’m the one you want right here, right now!” Then he casts something right before casting bolt at three of the Prelacy soldiers taking them out. Artivan then turns to the giggling one and shouts, “And you, you giggling bastard, You come into my house and you’ll die in my house!”

Maggpie flies into the Inn, taking the shorter way, and stabs two soldiers. One is taken out and the other is stunned by the attack.

Two of the soldiers take off, one keeps tending the fire, two others throw things at Kassegore that cause Kassegore to now be in the middle of the fire, but this also takes out a soldier near Kassegore. I just hope that he still has an armor potion that Nightingale made him.

I call out to Artivan, “One is heading downstairs, do you have this?” Artivan replies, “Of course.” And then Artivan screams, “Get out of my house!” Before I can head downstairs I see Artivan cast three more bolts, taking out two more soldiers and the third doesn’t seem impressed. Kassegore then lets the Beast play and frenzies on two of them, taking them both out. I quickly realize that Kassegore had not let the Beast out to play as he then says, “You will know hell this day.”

The Prelacy leader drinks a potion and disappears. I feel him close to me and attempt to attack where I think he is, but miss.

I head downstairs to the workshop and see a window open, I then head to the brewery and see that Roc-Tar and his brother along with the barmaid are tied up and hear some bumps. I head over to the bumps and find one of those that had turned invisible. I am easily able to tie him up, surprisingly as he is still invisible.

I find out later that the reason for this is due to the fact that the leader had drunk poison in order to keep us from learning anything else that day. Artivan is not happy. Kassegore is barely keeping the Beast at bay, after he found out that the materials to start the fire were actually purchased by him from the Prelacy that were disguised as merchants.


Saiderin aaeoina

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