Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Sog

The Tide of Evil comes to Thuls

and the Levy does not break

Pilgrim’s Journal, Day 86 (The Tide of Evil comes to Thuls)
2nd of Dancing Clouds
There is so much to report that I don’t believe that I can fit it all in my journal or in my mind. I shall have to attempt at the highlights. First, when I gave Lieutenant Gibben Draxx, who is also an Alchemist, the large bag of crysarium that was from the stores he looked dumbstruck or completely speechless. Of course, he was very tired and didn’t seem to register it. Another impression that I got was that he was about to embrace me. I didn’t get a chance to ask him if I could keep the 6 to 8 inch ball of fused crystals. Since one commander let me know, I believe that it is ok. I did verify that unless charged with energy and glowing these crystals do not explode. But I was not to get any free time until after the Siege.
The attack began in the early morning, usually about the time I wake up and exercise. The armies amassed and attacked. I took part in an intelligence gathering early on and gained some valuable intelligence as to the exact troop movements and strengths. This I believe aided the effort greatly as we were able to do sneak attacks behind enemy lines through some forgotten sewers of the town.
The next thing I knew is that me a Dregordian named Beast and a few others were sent out to take care of a minor skirmish and prevent some reinforcements from attacking. Much to my shame, I do not remember all of the names of the companions.
I then took my turn on the front lines employing my Flute-Staff through devastating effect sweeping whole groups of soldiers and allowing my companions to gain the tougher targets. It was the Dregordian self named The Beast who turned his inner rage into a fearsome weapon and convinced his brethren to do the same, throwing sanity into the wind only to have it blown back at them at the end of the encounter. Sometimes the winds of fate are kind. The commander surrendered his sword over to him, a prized possession, a metal symbol of war and viciousness of his kind. Though, I remember that they usually try to control their darker sides. War brings out the most disturbing parts of ourselves. We can only hope to survive ourselves after encountering our darker selves in this war.
When the melee was over, we had not only won the encounter but showed that the “Crimson Crusade” was wrong. We only lost 2 in 25 warriors where as there loses were much more. We morn our losses. We even lost an important leader. Also, as the dust was settling in the engagement a White Unicorn, some said THE White Unicorn ran through the town declaring the winners to be “Chosen of the Horn” in each of our heads. It is a special honor indeed to have such a prominent servant of the Ascended visit us and forgive us for killing our fellow creatures. The Tide of Evil was not only stopped but we were able to put up a new Levy farther out to sea and make a port of safe haven.
We travel back to Sog in a day or two. As they were cleaning up the stubborn troops that did not get the surrender notice, I climbed to the highest point in the town and cleaned my Flute-Staff off and play a song of sheer joy and relief in praise that this awful thing has ended, for now. It was near silence when I was done playing and a cheer went up from the city that must have lasted for hours. There was healing and celebrating and rest and peace to be had after that. We bury the dead in high honor tomorrow and then head out after getting supplies. I have much to meditate on.


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